Bamboo palm (lady palm) profile

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Oct 29 2021

Bamboo palm (lady palm) profile

Bamboo palm, scientific name of Rhapis excelsa, also called lady palm, belongs to the palm family, Bamboo evergreen shrub.

Bamboo palm picture

Bamboo palm

Morphological characteristics of bamboo palm

Bamboo palm is evergreen for four seasons, adult plant height of 2~3 meters, cylindrical stem, node, diameter of 2~3 centimeters, unbranched, outsourcing a brown mesh coarse fiber leaf sheath. Leaves are stiff, set the top of the stem, palmately lobed; Bamboo palm has 5-10 lobes, stripe lanceolate, 25-30 cm long, 3-6 cm wide, broad apical, irregularly dentate, transverse veins many and conspicuous, petiole toothed, 15-25 cm long, oblate, base of leaf sheaths covered with black brown reticular fibers.

The ecological habits of bamboo palm

Bamboo palm likes a warm, damp and well ventilated environment. The suitable temperature for growth is 20-30°C, and the sand pit soil with good drainage and rich humus is preferred. Bamboo palm is slightly cold resistant, and can be about 0℃ low temperature.

How to grow and care for bamboo palm

Soil care

The soil of Bamboo palm planting can choose leaf rot soil + garden soil + river sand, evenly mixed. Planting in the soil to add an appropriate amount of basic fertilizer, the pot can be used to burn the mud pot.

Light care

Bamboo palm is a southern plant, so it should be preserved in a warm, moist, ventilated and shaded environment. On weekdays, do not let direct sunlight, otherwise it will cause the leaves yellow, should be placed in the shade of the pot. Bamboo palm is slow to grow, especially in summer when the sun is strong, the shading degree is more than 50%.

Watering care

The summer temperature is higher, the soil is easy to dry, to water each morning and evening, and spray water on the foliage.

Spring and autumn season watering do not too often, keep the basin soil moist, to ensure that the basin soil is not waterlogging. Waterlogging can cause Bamboo palm root rot.

Winter proper control of watering, as long as it is not dry to explode, do not water. Water filling time as far as possible to choose sunny noon.

Fertilization care

3~4 weeks in spring and autumn, apply decomposed liquid fertilizer once to promote the growth of plants.

In summer, thin fertilizer is applied frequently, and a small amount of ferrous sulfate is added in the fertilizer to promote green leaves. Fertilizer 1~2 times a month.

In spring, paclobutrazol can be watered to help control the height of the Bamboo palm and make it shorter and stronger.

Trim and turn over the basin

Bamboo palm pruning is very simple, the main thing is to cut off the withered and yellow leaves, so that there is a sense of hierarchy between branches.

Repot every two years and divide new plants properly. The time to turn over the basin is generally in spring each year, replace part of the old soil, disinfect after planting. (Find more air purifying house plants here.)

Bamboo palm
Lady Palm - one of the best indoor trees

Bamboo palm propagation 

Bamboo palm is commonly used to divide and sow. Tripping is done in the spring, digging out the whole plant and cutting the aboveground stems and underground rhizomes into small potted clumps. Sowing propagation can be planted in pots in spring. Before sowing, soak in 35℃ warm water for 1 day, germinate 1 month after sowing, and transplant small pots half a year later.

Disease prevention and control of bamboo palm

Disease control

Bamboo palm common leaf spot, leaf blight and downy mildew harm, can choose 70% methyl tobutin wettable powder 60() 800 times liquid or 1% Bordeaux spray prevention and control.

Pest control

The main pests are scale insects, which can be sprayed with 80% dichlorvos emulsion 1000-1500 times or 40% oxidized diethoate emulsion 1000-1500 times.

Bamboo palm distribution area

Bamboo palm is originally produced in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and other places in China, and also distributed in Japan and other countries.

Bamboo palm garden use

Bamboo palm is a traditional shade foliage plant in China. Its clusters are tall and straight, the leaves are green and straight, and the clusters are gathered together. Bamboo palm is full of tropical charm. Although the palm bamboo is not "bamboo" but with "bamboo" chic, with 35 branches in the basin for indoor furnishings and hall layout, a sudden exuberant vitality, spring harmony. Bamboo palm planting ornament garden scenery or rockery beside the stone, will make the environment appear particularly quiet and lovely, and have a good decorative effect, suitable for cultivation in the southern region of China. Young plants can also be made into jungle-style bonsai root, with stone, the ornamental effect is also very good.

Bamboo palm

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