Aspidistra profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

Aspidistra profile

You're not familiar with Aspidistra, but you're sure to see it. It's the one wrapped around rice dumplings. As a plant, it leaves dark green bright, strong growth, strong adaptability. It is an excellent plant for indoor green decoration.

Aspidistra picture


Morphological characteristics of Aspidistra


Aspidistra: Perennial green herbs. Rhizomes subcylindrica, 5 -- 10 mm in diamonds and scales. Leaves are solitary, 1 ~ 3 cm apart, oblong-lanceolate, lanceolate to subelliptic, 22 ~ 46 cm long, 8 ~ 10 cm wide, apex acuminate, base cuneate, margin more or less corrugated, green on both sides, sometimes with yellowish-white spots or stripes;Petiole distinct, stout, 5 -- 35 cm long.


Total pedicel length is 0.5 ~ 2 cm; Aspidistra has 3-4 bracts, 2 at base of flowers, broadly ovate, 7 ~ 10 mm long, ca. 9 mm wide, pale green, sometimes with purple fine spots. The perianth is bell-shaped, 12 ~ 18 mm long, 10 ~ 14 mm in diam., purplish or dark purple on the outside, mauve or deep purple on the inner lower part, 6 ~ 8-lobed on the upper part. The perianth tube is 10 ~ 12 mm long. Lobes are subtriangular, 3.5 -- 4 mm wide, apex obtuse, upper margin and medial light green, inner mask with particularly thick fleshy ridged ridges, 2 thin and long in the middle, 2 thick and short on both sides, middle up to 1.5 mm, purplish red. Aspidistra has 6-8 stamens, near the base of perianth tube, lower than stigma. Filaments are short, anthers elliptic, ca. 2 mm long. The pistil ca. is 8 mm high, ovary scarcely swollen. The style is jointless; The stigma shield is expanded, rounded, 10 ~ 13 mm in diameter, purplish red, upper mask 3 ~ 4 deep cleft, both sides more or less upward protruding, center part slightly convex, lobes apex slightly concave, margins often upward rewinded.

Aspidistra growth habit

Aspidistra likes warm and humid, half shade environments, more resistant to cold, very resistant to shade. The suitable temperature for growth was 10 ~ 25℃, and the range of growth temperature was 7 ~ 30℃, and the overwintering temperature was 0 ~ 3℃.

Aspidistra distribution range

Aspidistra is originally produced in the provinces and regions of South China, and it is cultivated and widely used all over China.


Aspidistra main Values

Ornamental value

Aspidistra leaves are black and smooth. The leaf color is dark green and bright, it grows strong, adaptability is strong, extremely bear shade. It is indoor green decoration good like shade view leaf plant. It is suitable for home and office layout. Aspidistra can be viewed separately. Also Aspidistra can cooperate with other view flower plants to decorate. It still is the material that contemporary arranges a flower to match the leaf.

The variety has aspergillus type, the leaf is full of yellow spot, speckle, is really good-looking. Aspidistra has white stripe, leaf blade inlaid with yellowish white vertical stripes, or half yellow, half green. Decoration application: small and medium-sized potted plants. Because of strong negative resistance, the plant was still in good condition after being placed indoors for more than a month.

Freshen air

Aspidistra is good at absorbing formaldehyde. In addition, it also has a certain absorption effect on carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. Besides, it can absorb certain dust.