Caladiums Profile

Written by Joy

Sep 27 2020

Caladiums Profile
Caladiums is a perennial herb. The bulbs are used for medicine. Because of its shape, it is called in the Book Of Notes on Herbal Medicine. The shape looks like gathering shellfish, so it is named fritillaria, which can relieve cough and reduce phlegm, clear heat and disperse phlegm. 

Caladiums morphological characteristics

Herbs perennial, bulbs conical, erect, 15-40cm tall. Leaves 2-3 pairs, often opposite, few scattered or whorled in the middle, lanceolate to linear, apex is slightly curly and sessile. Flowers' solitary stem is apex, bell-shaped, pendulous, 3 bracts per flower elongate, apex more or less curved hooked. Perianth 6,  the color of it is usually purple, less greenish-yellow, with purple spots or small squares, nectary nest conspicuously convex on north; Capsule with 6 longitudinal wings. Flowering is usually fromMay to July, fruiting August to October

Caladiums growth habit and growing environment and distribution

Caladiums adapts to cold and cool climate conditions. It has the characteristics of cold tolerance, wet preference, fear of high humidity and shade preference. When the temperature reaches 30℃ or the ground temperature exceeds 25℃, the plants will wither. Areas with low altitudes and high temperatures cannot live. When it is planted under the condition of no shadow, the seedlings were easy to become pieces and die by sunburn. Too much sunshine will promote the evaporation of water and respiration of plants, which will easily lead to low bulb drying rate and slightly yellow fritillary color. According to different places of origin, fritillaria fritillaria can be divided into four categories: Caladiums fritillaria, Caladiums thunbergii, Caladiums tugenensis and Caladiums ethereum.Besides, there are other varieties, like Dabie mountains in Anhui and Southern Anhui region.

Caladiums efficacy and role

Caladiums is a perennial herb of the Liliaceae family, which uses bulbs as medicine. Caladiums Maiyang was regarded as a new species of Caladiums genus in liliaceae by domestic drug experts and was a famous local rare Chinese medicinal material. Caladiums, whose color is white is better, called pearl shell. It is mild cold in nature, mild in taste and has the effect of moistening the lungs. It is mainly responsible for diseases such as cough, phlegm filling, hot and irritated vomiting blood, sore throat, inflammation of the mammary gland caused by traumatic bleeding in the throat, as well as hemostasis and lactation. Make tea with wuyang Caladiums, can cure cough, stop asthma, and make a prolong life.

Caladiums cultivation

The sandy loam with good drainage, deep soil, loose soil and rich humus is the best. While the seeds should be mixed with a wet sand layer and mixed with new high lipid membrane (it can be mixed with seed dressing agent), so as to prevent underground diseases and insects, isolate virus infection, strengthen respiratory intensity and improve seed germination rate. Sprinkle the seeds evenly into the ditch, cover with a thin layer of soil, press slightly, water, and keep the soil moist.