Winter maintenance of aglaia odorata

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

Winter maintenance of aglaia odorata

Aglaia odorata has poor cold tolerance. Careless winter management will affect the growth and flowering of the plant in the coming year, or even make it die. To make Aglaia odorata safe in the winter, the following aspects must be done:

aglaia odorata

1. Stop Fertilizing for Aglaia odorata

After the start of autumn, it is necessary to stop applying nitrogen fertilizer, appropriately use some of phosphorus, potash fertilizer. We should control watering at the same time, so that the basin soil slightly dry, promote the growth of branches and leaves full, improve the cold resistance.

2. Temperature control for Aglaia odorata

When the temperature drops to 0℃, aglaia odorata will be frozen. Generally recommended to move into the room early or when the weather report cooling, temporarily move to the room. The pot should be placed in the sun, not a vent, in case the cold wind directly blowing the plant. Throughout the winter temperature fluctuations also cannot too big, lest affect plant fully dormant. Generally remaining in 10 ~ 12 ℃ is best. If the room temperature is more than 15 ℃, plant tops germination buds, nutrient consumption, cold wind hit after the spring out of the room and prone to stem tip, affecting the flowering. If the temperature is below 5 ℃, the available plastic film will cover the whole plant, or use the protective cover, but control the time not being too low, lest the blade without light, and also easy to cause chilling injury.

aglaia odorata

3. Proper watering for Aglaia odorata 

In winter Aglaia odorata is in dormancy or semi-dormancy state. We can't make the basin soil too wet or too dry, and can't wait until the basin soil completely dry before watering, also can't water, to make the basin soil moisture balance. In addition, in the winter, in order to prevent the leaves from covered with dust, prevent photosynthesis, cause falls off leaves turn yellow, Aglaia odorata should be sprayed on the leaf once every 10 days, with the water temperature close to room temperature cleaning blade. But do not water too much. Make water droplets on old branches. We can put down the flower pot, to avoid the basin of water falls into the earth, make the soil is too wet, roots rotted.

4. Move Aglaia odorata outdoors

After the winter,  gradually move Aglaia odorata to outdoors. When the spring weather is not stable, don't jump to flowerpot move out. Before moving out of the room,   open the window ventilated and take a breath. A few days day, move Aglaia odorata to the outside. If encountering cold wave, strong wind, we shall promptly move Aglaia odorata back to indoor.

aglaia odorata