Types of garden slugs introduction

Written by Joy

Sep 28 2020

Types of garden slugs introduction
Slugs, which are transformed from snails, are widely distributed in Europe, Asia, North America and North Africa. Generally yellow and green, it is found in mountain forests over 1,900 meters above sea level in Sabah, Malaysia. Distributed in Europe, Asia, North America and North Africa. China is mainly distributed in Southwest China, the Yangtze River Basin, Guangdong, Guangxi, and other places.
 types of garden slugs

Appearance characteristics and habits

Slugs are soft and resemble shelled snails with an irregular cylindrical shape. The shell degenerates into a thin calcareous plate located on the back of the front end of the body, which is wrapped by a mantle to form an inner shell. There is a tail crest. The body is gray, yellow-brown or orange, with inconspicuous dark bands and spots. The eyes are located at the top of the posterior antennae. The female and male genital holes are a common hole, located on the right side of the body and behind the front right antennae. The lung openings are at the rear edge of the mantle. The body often secretes mucus, and it leaves silvery white marks after crawling. Living in a dark, humid place, lurking during the day, and going out at night and rainy days. Hermaphrodite, mates and lays eggs, which lay in moist soil. It feeds on young leaves and buds of plants, and is an enemy of vegetables, fruit trees, tobacco, cotton, etc. The common species in China is yellow slug. The body length can reach 120 mm when stretched. The body is yellowish brown or dark orange with light yellow spots. It likes to live in a dark and humid place or the shade of a house. It is most active in high humidity and high temperature seasons. It loves plants and is a pest of agriculture. Foreign countries spend an average of $30 million a year to eliminate them.

How to get rid of slugs

1. You can sprinkle ginger powder on the place where the slugs are infested. The slugs are very sensitive to the smell of ginger and will walk away. When the slugs harm your beloved plants, wrap a thin circle around the roots of your plants The copper wire also has the same effect (slugs do not like the weak electromagnetic field emitted by the copper wire).
2. There is a method, the effect is very good. You can put the caught slugs in a blender, add water to make a liquid, add lime juice, or lemon juice, you had better use a watering can to spray the slugs infested places, you can't see them for a few months A slug.
3. At night, you can put a pot full of beer in the place where the slugs are infested. The next day you will see fat slugs drinking.
4. It's also a good choice to sprinkle salt on the slugs. If you sprinkle salt on a slug, it will die like water and a layer of skin. The reason is that the water content in the body is very high, resulting in very low salinity in the body, and the water transfer from low concentration to high concentration. Therefore, it is getting smaller and smaller, giving people the illusion that it turns into water.
5. You can sprinkle aluminum sulfate on the slugs. Aluminum sulfate is also effective for other molluscs.
6. There are two other ways to kill slugs, one is to spray the ground with concentrated salt water to drive away the adults, and the other is to use rice bran or bean cake to add 2% calcium arsenate or aluminum arsenate to make a poison bait. Disinfection of outdoor sewers, sewers and other places can be treated with 6% of mita.

Prevention method

①Clean the countryside and prevent weeds. ②Prevention in advance: You'd better spread quicklime or plant ash in the field and at the base of the crop. ③Trap at night, sprinkle some young lettuce leaves and cabbage leaves on the seedling field and surrounding areas in the evening, uncover the leaves in the morning, and carry out manual killing. ④Pharmaceutical control: You can use abamectin organic fertilizer instead of chicken manure and underground pesticides, and use abamectin organic fertilizer 450 kg per 667 square meters, which can achieve a good control effect. You can also use 6% Mida granules with 500 grams per 667 square meters for spreading. Or you could use lesbian 40 ml per 667 square meters, add 20 ml of enemy kill to 40 kg of water, spray in the evening. When spraying, spray the top soil layer at the base of the stem.