Why Does Not My Daphne Flower Bloom

Written by Ivy

Nov 22 2021

Why Does Not My Daphne Flower Bloom
Daphne flower is very beautiful. Many people like to propagate Daphne flower, but some don't bloom. What if Daphne flower doesn't bloom? First of all, we need to find out the reasons, and then solve the symptoms. The non-flowering of Daphne flower may be caused by excessive watering, improper fertilization, lack of sunshine and ambient temperature. We need to pay special attention to pruning and changing pots at ordinary times.

How many times does Daphne flower bloom every year?

Why Does Not My Daphne Flower Bloom
Generally, daphne flower blooms once a time, probably from March to may in spring. Flowering does not last long, only 2 months. However, as long as you pay attention to the maintenance, its flowering period will last longer. Normally, it blooms every year, but the specific flowering period may be advanced or delayed.

Reasons and solutions for non flowering of Daphne flower

1. Excessive watering

The reason why Daphne flower does not bloom is probably caused by too much watering. Daphne flower does not need to be watered frequently. If too much watering will cause ponding in the basin, leading to the root ulceration of Daphne flower and greatly weakening the ability to absorb nutrients and water. Because the root absorbs sufficient nutrients and high humidity, Daphne flower does not bloom.
Solution: first pull out the root of Daphne flower, and then we can cut off all the rotten roots on the root, replant them with a new fertile soil, and put them in the sun. We must pay attention to reducing the water during this period of time. We usually water every time, wait until the soil is dry, and control the amount of water, It is also necessary to spray water on the leaves in summer to prevent excessive temperature.

2. Improper fertilization

If Daphne flower does not bloom or the flowers bloom well, fertilization is also very important. If fertilization is too much, it will not make the flowers bloom bright and beautiful, and it may also make Daphne flower do not bloom, because too much fertilization will only make the branches and leaves of Daphne flower grow in vain, making it difficult for the flowers to absorb the reason. If fertilization is less, nutrition is not provided, It will also prevent Daphne flower from blooming.
Solution: Daphne flower is a plant that needs nutrients and needs to be fertilized frequently. However, it is best to fertilize reasonably. Phosphorus, potassium or organic fertilizer can be applied every other month, or rotten soybean cake, water and duck manure can be used. Daphne flower will be in dormancy in winter, so it can stop fertilizing and fertilize reasonably, To make Daphne flower bloom bright and beautiful flowers.
Why Does Not My Daphne Flower Bloom

3. Lack of sunshine

Many people usually pay great attention to care for Daphne flower, but they always don't bloom. What should Daphne flower do if it doesn't bloom? It may be caused by lack of sunshine. Daphne flower is a plant that needs sunshine very much. Under the sunshine, Daphne flower can better absorb nutrition. If it doesn't get enough, Daphne flower will be difficult to bloom.
Solution: if the Daphne flower cannot bloom due to lack of sunlight, we can move the Daphne flower to a sunny place, such as balcony and outdoor, so as to make the Daphne flower grow better. However, it should be noted that the Daphne flower cannot be exposed to strong sunlight, otherwise the water will evaporate quickly and cause the leaves to wither, It also affects flowering.

4. Ambient temperature

Each plant has different requirements for ambient temperature, and Daphne flower has higher requirements, because it is not cold resistant and is suitable to grow at 20 ~ 30 ℃, not lower than 5 ℃, otherwise it will lead to frozen roots, which is difficult to absorb in the end, which is also the reason why it can not bloom. The maximum temperature can not exceed 38 ℃, otherwise it will wither the leaves and make it more difficult to bloom.
Solution: we need to keep Daphne flower warm every winter. We'd better move it indoors and control the temperature above 5 ℃ with air conditioner or heater to help Daphne flower survive the winter safely. In summer, we can use shading net to shade Daphne flower, and we can also spray some water on Daphne flower's leaves in an appropriate amount and put it at an excessively high temperature.

How to make Daphne flower blossom in advance?

Why Does Not My Daphne Flower Bloom
For flowering plants, the situation of late flowering, low flower quality or even no flowering is bound to make people feel some chagrin or depression. However, if you want flowers and plants to bloom smoothly on schedule, you must first provide a suitable growth environment and meet the conditions required for flowering, so as to make them bloom. However, if we want to make it produce high-quality flowers, we still need to do a good job in every maintenance link.
Daphne flower usually blooms in winter and spring, which is the period when the temperature is relatively low. This will bring some difficulties for it to differentiate flower buds, pregnant buds and flowering. Of course, the factors affecting its flowering are not only temperature, but also light, water and fertilizer. Usually only after doing all these work can it bloom smoothly as scheduled. Otherwise, late flowering or even no flowering may occur.
In order to make Daphne flower bloom smoothly, sometimes we need to take manual intervention to promote flowering, that is, flower induction. However, flower urging can not be carried out blindly. It depends on whether it is necessary to carry out it, and we still need to master certain methods. So, how does Daphne flower urge flowers?
For Daphne flower, we can place the potted plants in a warm indoor environment for maintenance and raise the temperature to about 10 ° C. If it is sunny, you can provide more than 4 hours of sunshine every day; In addition, water should be controlled properly during bud pregnancy to keep the basin soil slightly dry; Finally, timely supplement some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to promote flowering.
As long as we can handle the above four links well, we believe that Daphne flower can successfully differentiate into flower buds when it reaches the flowering stage, and has enough ability to grow mature flower buds and enough energy to bloom. It can be seen that when Daphne flower is difficult to bloom, we can promote its flowering by means of flower induction, so that it can bloom beautiful and fragrant flowers smoothly.