Tiger Lily Bulbs Growing and Planting

Written by Ivy

Nov 22 2021

Tiger Lily Bulbs Growing and Planting
Tiger lily is a very special flower that can be grown by tiger lily bulbs. There are no branches, but the flowers are not inferior. Tiger lily bulbs is also very convenient to manage. Unlike other flowers, it eliminates the stages of pruning and fertilization. Next, I'll share with you about the planting process of tiger lily bulbs, What should I do when tiger lily bulbs gets it.
Purchase of tiger lily bulbs: the selection of tiger lily bulbs is particularly important. When we buy lily bulbs, you should ask the store in advance whether tiger lily bulbs meet your expectations. You can't buy them at will. In addition, you should choose strong and plump tiger lily bulbs. Tiger lily bulbs itself contains more nutrients and has a high survival rate.
Tiger lily bulbs should be single headed and not multi headed. The flowers are small and ornamental. Usually, we buy Edible lilies, and small flowering is the biggest disadvantage. This tiger lily bulbs is cheap and is purchased by most people.

What is the best cultivated soil of tiger lily bulbs?

Tiger Lily Bulbs Growing and Planting
The best way to cultivate tiger lily bulbs is to plant in the ground. The growth of tiger lily bulbs grown in the ground must be very good, the space is not limited, the root system can grow indefinitely, and the nutrients can be absorbed enough. If it is potted, there are certain requirements for the basin soil. Firstly, the basin soil should be loose and breathable, which is basic. In one, it should be fertile enough, Tiger lily bulbs has a short cycle and a long flowering period. It needs a lot of nutrients. Coconut brick can be used with perlite. The appropriate configuration of sapropel is also possible according to the proportion of coconut brick 5: Perlite 2: sapropel 3.
After tiger lily bulbs arrives, we must disinfect it: after tiger lily bulbs arrives, we can mix carbendazim or potassium permanganate with water in the ratio of 1:100, clean the rotten roots on the seed ball with scissors, and then soak the seed ball in the solution for disinfection for 20 minutes / 30 minutes, Apply a small amount of trem genbido rooting agent on the root system. The rooting agent is to make the seed ball take root faster. Of course, it is OK not to apply it. The next step is to plant tiger lily bulbs directly.

Top pot planting of Tiger Lily Bulbs

The tiger lily bulbs we get usually germinate, and the tender buds can be about 3-4cm. Pour the nutritious soil we have prepared into the flower pot, which is about two-thirds of the height of the whole flower pot. Put tiger lily bulbs into the flower pot, and the distance between the seed balls should be at least 4cm, which can not depend on each other, and then fill the remaining one-third of the height in half, Generally speaking, it is best to plant 2-3 seed balls in a flowerpot. Potted plants are not as good as ground plants, and the flowers from 2-3 seed balls are also good-looking.

Water the Tiger Lili seedlings

Tiger Lily Bulbs Growing and Planting
After tiger lily bulbs is put into the pot, the first step is to water thoroughly, let the water fully irrigate the whole flower pot, and then move the flower pot to a ventilated and cool place. After the flower buds of Lily grow to the soil surface, move to the sun and receive the sunlight.
Tiger lily bulbs likes a humid environment, so we should keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Master the humidity. If the soil is too wet, it is easy to rot the seed ball. The seed ball of lily is fleshy and fragile. You can spray the soil with a watering can every day and nutrient solution once a week. In about a month, tiger lily bulbs will grow flower buds.

Fertilization Management in later stage

When flower buds appear on tiger lily bulbs, it indicates that tiger lily bulbs will bloom soon. During this period, we need to pay attention to these problems. In the later stage, we should apply fertilizer and water to avoid sunlight. After the flower buds appear, we should make topdressing in time. Trem high potassium mass element fertilizer is mainly used to ensure the nutrient absorption of tiger lily bulbs. In the later stage, when it is about to wither, You can cut it for flower arrangement.
When it is about to fall, cut it directly from the surface of the soil with a knife and hang it upside down in a ventilated place. You can use dry flower arrangement. It is also of great ornamental value in a vase.
The cultivation and maintenance of tiger lily bulbs should pay attention to several points. You can collect and read them. Propagating flowers is a small thing, but it is also a big project. It is also a long process from tiger lily bulbs to flowering.
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