Summer maintanence of aglaia odorata

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

Summer maintanence of aglaia odorata

Sun exposure is not recommended for Aglaia odorata in summer. Aglaia odorata prefer light and can be planted outdoors in spring and autumn to give them plenty of light to grow.In summer, the temperature is high and the light is too strong. If you leave aglaia odorata outside, it will burn under the scorching sun. More regulation is needed during the summer, not only to shade aglaia odorata, but also to increase the amount of watering.

Aglaia odorata

1. Proper light care for aglaia odorata

Aglaia odorata is an evergreen shrub or tree of the genus Melia. Aglaia odorata is a light-loving plant and is well suited to growing in a sunny environment. Attention should be paid during the maintenance period. Aglaia odorata should be carefully managed during the seedling period. Proper amount of light should be given to it, and it should not be kept in the environment with sufficient bright light.

2. Move Aglaia odorata indoors

When Aglaia odoratareaches adulthood, it can be moved to a sunny outdoor environment during spring and autumn growth.With plenty of light, Aglaia odorata is able to photosynthesize and accumulate nutrients that help grow trees, leaves and flowers.During the summer, if the outside light is very strong, it is not recommended to move Aglaia odorata to the outdoor maintenance.

Aglaia odorata

3. Control the temperature for Aglaia odorata

Aglaia odorata enjoys light, giving it on average 6 to 8 hours of light per day.In summer. When the light is too strong and the temperature is high, if we move Aglaia odorata to the outdoor for maintenance, the leaves of Aglaia odorata will be burned under the hot sun.Sunburn in Aglaia odorata can cause yellowing, burning or drying of the leaves, which can affect later growth.

4. Spray water for Aglaia odorata

During the summer, you need to avoid the midday glare. Move Aglaia odorata to a cool, airy location for maintenance.When the light is low in the morning or afternoon, Aglaia odoratacan be moved outside to get more light, allowing it to photosynthesize and grow normally.During the summer, if the temperature is too high, pay attention to spray Aglaia odorata, cooling and humidifying.

Aglaia odorata