Pest control of strawberry

Written by Maggie

Nov 24 2020

Pest control of strawberry

During the process of breeding Strawberries, if pests occur, we need to strengthen the ventilated environment. Remove yellow leaves and leaf timely, centralized burning at the same time, with 40% dimethoate ec diluted 1000 times spray plants, spray once every 10 days or so, for the common pests can effectively kill, also pick fruit after soil disinfection.

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Pest control of strawberry

1. Strengthen ventilation for Strawberries 

What should we do about strawberry bugs in the process of cultivation? At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the ventilation environment. Breeding in an enclosed environment is prone to suffer from pests such as aphids, which will do great harm to the plants.

2. Cut off the diseased leaves of Strawberries

Once infected with insects, the leaves of strawberry will be harmed by fungi and gradually turn yellow. At this time, diseased leaves should be removed in time to avoid further spread of bacteria, and these diseased leaves should be gathered together for destruction, so as to block the reproduction ability of insects.

Pest control of strawberry

3. Spray for Strawberries

Before the flowering stage of strawberry, it is necessary to spray insecticides for control treatment. A 50% DDVP solution can be diluted 1000 times for spraying. If insect pests occur in the growth stage, it needs to be sprayed every 10 days or so with 40% dimethyl oleoresin diluted 1000 times for spraying, which can effectively kill insect pests.

4. Disinfection treatment of Strawberries

In the process of strawberry cultivation, regular disinfection and sterilization can be carried out to avoid the occurrence of aphids and other insect pests. After picking fruits, carbapenem can be sprayed to disinfect the soil. Meanwhile, insect eggs can also be killed.

Pest control of strawberry