Peony pest and control methods

Written by Maggie

Jan 20 2021

Peony pest and control methods

In the process of cultivating peony, it is easy to appear shell insect. Summer is its peak season and 40% dimethoate is sprayed at the beginning of the infestation. If the plant has aphids, use dichlorvos spray. Spray every 7 to 10 days. For starscream infestations, the plants need to be treated with 20% triclosan, a wettable powder.

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Peony pest and control methods

1. Scale insects of peony

Scale insects are one of the most common insect pests of peony. Scale insects peak every summer. Scale insects are Mainly harmful for the leaf, dilute the juice of peony for a living, causing the branches to turn yellow gradually. It is necessary to spray 40% oxy dimethoate 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid in a vigorous period. 50% phoxim emulsion can be effective. At the same time, use a soft brush to remove the diseased peony branches.

2. Aphids of peony

When the peony suffers aphid insect pest, the leaf can appear yellow. At this time, it can be sprayed 80% dichlorvos, or 40% dimethoate emulsion diluted with water about 1000 times to spray. Spray every 7 ~ 10 days or so. At the same time, the diseased branches were pruned to increase ventilation management.

3. Starscream of peony

When the peony has a starscream infestation, the leaves are initially yellow, later gradually began to fall. At this time, 20% trichlor acarsone wettable powder should be used mainly to spray the diseased plants, and spraying again every other week, at the same time, cleaning the diseased leaves can effectively treat aphids infestation.

Peony pest and control methods

4. Beetle of peony

There are many varieties of insect pests, and yellow glabella, Apple glabella, and county black glabella are the most common. Larvae suck SAP from the root system, and adults harm flowers and leaves, spraying them with 50% dichlorvos and pruning rotten roots of peony.

5. Grubs of peony

Grubs pests are mainly present in the soil, which will harm the root system of peony. It needs to be deep-turned before winter and sterilized with 1% trichlorfon irrigator soil in early spring. or 20 to 30 grams of carbofuran per square meter can be sprayed onto the soil for disinfection.

Peony pest and control methods