Neon Pothos Plant Care Guide - Easy Care House Plant

Written by Lisa

Jan 13 2023

Neon Pothos Plant Care Guide - Easy Care House Plant
Generally, every gardening lover will grow a pot of Pothos plant, which not noly has fresh green leave, but also can absorb harmful substances in the air, playing the role of air purification at home.
The lemon yellow leaves make Neon Pothos so special. Neon Pothos plant is easy-care houseplant, which is a great indoor plant for beginners. But if it is not be took care of appropriately, the leaves will change back to green and no luster. So let’s take a look at how to grow and care for Neon Pothos plant.

Neon Pothos Characteristics

  • The characteristics of the neon pothos plant and the general Pothos plant are almost the same. Best of all, Neon Pothos plant is suitalbe for any space no matter at home or office for its air purification capacity.
  • The shape of the Neon Pothos leaves looks a bit like a symbol of a heart, with bright yellow-green leaves that are prominent and have irregular markings that change depending on the exposure to light.
  • It is easy to grow root at internodes place, so Neon Pothos has climbing ability, which allows it to cling to trunk, railings, walls, or upon the net. Neon Pothos also can grow along the desktop or the ground. The stem and leaf will grow up, the greater the hanging down the stem and leaf will become smaller. Read More: Top 30 Best Indoor Hanging Plants That Beauty Your Home
  • However, different from the original Pothos plant, the Neon Pothos Plant is less resistant to the sun, and it grows slower, so the cultivation is more careful than taking care of the original Pothos plant.
Neon Pothos Plant

Neon Pothos Basic info

Neon Pothos plant is an easy-care common houseplant, which is a great indoor plant for beginners. Here are some basic info about Neon Pothos plant and how to care for it.
Scientific Name Epipremnum aureum
Common Name Neon Pothos, Golden pothos
Plant Type Herb
Native French Polynesia
Mature Size 2 meters indoors and 20 meters outdoors
Growth Speed Slow-Growers when young. But fast if in good conditions.
Light Requirements Bright but indirect light
Watering Care Moderate watering. Let it go dry between waterings.
Soil Care Well-draining soil/mix
Temperature Care 15℃ to 25℃;Not lower than 8℃.
Fertilizer Care Fertilizer every 3 or 6 weeks
Humidity Care High humidity (60-90%)
Pruning Care Regulaly cut off undesirable leaves
Repotting Repotting should take place during spring and summer when your plant has become completely rootbound in its container or no new growth is taking place. Pot up in a pot no bigger than 5cm larger than its current container.
Propagation Soil culture or water culture
Toxicity Mildly Virulent; Avoid direct touch for a long time

Neon Pothos Care

Neon Pothos Soil Care

When caring for Neon Pothos plant, you need loose breathable and good drainage soil, it is recommended to add some granular soil, like perlite, river sand and so on, in addition to the garden soil and leaf rot soil, which can well enhance the soil drainage and permeability, more conducive to the growth of Neon Pothos root system. And we all know that Pothos plant grows very fast, so as Neon Pothos plant.

So we have to repot Neon Pothos plant with new soil every year regularly. If so, the root system growth space of Neon Pothos plant will be bigger and the leaves will not grow smaller because of inadequate nutrients in the soil. (Find more air purifying house plants here.)

Neon Pothos Light Requirements

Neon Pothos plant must be given enough light when growing, so that its leaves will be more beautiful and bright. If the light is not enough, the yellow color on the leaves may slowly disappear and become green. Therefore, we can put Neon Pothos plant directly in the sun in the season with soft light, but in high temperature summer, we should avoid direct sunlight and keep enough scattered light, otherwise it is very easy to burn the leaves and affect the appreciation!

Neon Pothos plant is suitable for keeping in scattered light window sill side, or put it in the morning with direct light position, to avoid afternoon sun exposure or long time of direct sunlight, every day 3~6 hours of light can be enough.

Neon Pothos Temperature & Humidity Care

Only in a warm and humid environment can the Neon Pothos Plant grow more and more prosperous, so we should try to control temperature at more than 15 degrees, so that it will not stop growing, if the temperature is below 8 degrees for a long time, it is very easy to frostbite the root system of the Neon Pothos Plant, leading to its root rot and death. The most suitable temperture for Neon Pothos is 15 degrees to 25 degrees.

In addition, keep humid environment for Neon Pothos is also very important. When the temperature is suitable, the demand of Neon Pothos plant for water is huge. So we should keep watch the soil of Neon Pothos plant, water the plant before the soil is totally dry. Avoid too much water.

Except to keep moist soil, keep the air environment moist. we can often around spray water around Neon Pothos plant or the use of humidifier to increase air humidity, even on a regular basis to spray water on blade, cleaning blade, so that we can remove the dust on the surface of the blade, better help Neon Pothos plant carries on the Pothosynthesis and respiration.
Neon Pothos Plant

Neon Pothos Fertilizer

The nutrients needs to keep up with if the Neon Pothos grows more vigorous. In addition to a variety of nutrition elements balanced compound fertilizer, it is recommended to added some potassium dihydrogen phosphate fertilizer. Although Neon Pothos is not flowering, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate can make soil slightly acidic that Neon Poyhos plant like, which can make the leaves be more bright luster. (Find more Vine Plants Indoor here.)
Fertilization is more appropriate every two weeks in spring and autum. In winter, fertilization should be adjusted to once a month. 

Neon Pothos Watering

It is recommended to water the Neon Pothos branches close to the soil. Sudden yellowing of the leaves is usually a warning sign of overwatering. For hydroponic Neon Pothos plant, watering the sponge medium thoroughly but do not soak the roots in water. Keeping the root ventilation (root respiration) is the most important part of Neon Pothos care.  (Read More: Why Are My Pothos Leaves Curling)

Neon Pothos Pruning

According to personal preference, the appearance of Neon Pothos plant can be trimmed moderately from time to time. When Neon Pothos plants grow too long they can be pruned to grow better and flourish. The leafed stems can then be used for cuttings.
Neon Pothos Plant

Neon Pothos Plant FAQs

How about the air purification capacity of Neon Pothos plant

The leaves of Neon Pothos also slightly reduce airborne dust, and reduce indoor air concentrations of volatile organic pollutants (benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene, which can come from carpets or upholsters).

Is Neon Pothos Toxic to cats or dogs

The Neon Pothos is slightly toxic, but not enough to be fatal. Its SAP is toxic, but its odor and leaf surfaces are not. It is not advised to grow Neon Pothos if you have a dog or cat. 

Can Neon Pothos Plant Watered with Beer

Neon Pothos plant can be watered with beer, but it needs to be diluted with water before watering. In addition, watering time should not be too frequent, watering once a week. You can also use a soft towel dipped in diluted beer to wipe the leaves to increase Neon Pothos leaves gloss. It should be noted that it is not suitable to water the plant with beer for a long time. It also needs to spray foliar fertilizer on the leaves every half a month to supplement nutrition.
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