How to take care of flowers

Written by Maggie

Jan 14 2021

How to take care of flowers

We may face many problems when we grow flowers at home. How to care for flowers having long aphids and leaves having insect pests? Let's look together.


Flower care for having long aphids

Flower long aphids can use the laundry water, fresh chili, insecticides agent and urea treatment, for a small amount of aphids can add detergent to 1000 times dilution of water, spraying on the plants can be treated effectively control pests, for large Numbers of aphids ou jian, guoguang pesticides can be agent spray once every 10 days left, can be sprayed with 3 times in a row. The following are details of flower care for having long aphids.

1. Spray laundry water

How to care for flowers when flowers have long aphids. If the number is relatively small, we can take an appropriate amount of washing powder to add 1000 times the water for dilution, and then spray it on the aphids, every 2 ~ 3 days to spray once, can effectively treat aphids insect pests.

2. Fresh pepper treatment

The use of dry pepper for aphids can also be effective treatment, take 50 grams of dry pepper, and 50 grams of water placed in the pot, boil for half an hour, pepper water spray on the Chinese rose, every three days or so time spray once, can eliminate aphids insect pest.

3. Pesticide spraying

If there is a large number of aphids, chinese rose can be sprayed directly with insecticides, such as Zhengdahui Jian, Guoguang insecticides can effectively treat aphids, every 7 ~ 10 days or so time spraying, spraying for about 3 consecutive times can treat aphids.

4. Urea spraying

The urea, washing powder, water in accordance with the ratio of 4:1:1000 mixed preparation, stir evenly into the spray can, for flowers evenly sprayed, in the treatment of aphids can also give the plant fertilization, promote the growth of plants, every other week time spray once.


Flower care for leaves having insect pests

When the flower leaves have insect pests, carry on the prevention and control according to different insect pests, but had better be in the high temperature of the multiple seasons. Often open doors and windows, in order to increase the circulation of air, but also do a good job of daily cleaning and sanitation. Often wipe the leaf with wet cloth. When found insect pests, leaves should be cut off in time, so as not to infect other branches and leaves. The following are details of flower care for leaves having insect pests.

1. Ventilation care

During the growth of flowers, the young leaf is the most easy to breed pests in a high temperature and humidity environment. Do not put the flowerpot in a closed environment, so it is easy to produce pests with poor ventilation, especially in spring and summer, indoor cultivation, often open doors and Windows, in order to increase the indoor ventilation and permeability.

2. Daily cleaning

If you do not do a good job of daily hygiene during the growth of flowers and plants, it is also easier to breed diseases and insect pests, the main common aphids, red spiders, scale insects, snails, etc. They can be regularly cleaned up the fallen leaves on the soil during the growth of the plant, but also to do a good job of leaf cleaning and hygiene, often with a wet cloth to wipe the best leaf.

3. Cut out the diseased plant

Strain is a fast method of Mosaic snake to cut off, because once the infection on the Mosaic of plant pests, insect secrete mucus erodes the blade, causing fungal infection. If not to cut it off and then kill the plants withered and best destroy concentration after cut strain when found insect pest, to block the insect reproductive capacity.

4. Spray liquid

When flowers and leaves suffer from insect pests, the most effective method is to spray drugs for control, which can kill insects, in order to ensure the normal growth of plants, according to different insects to choose different corresponding liquid for prevention, but also continuous spraying, until the flowers and leaves grow better.