How to Save Overwatered String of Hearts

Written by Ivy

Jan 20 2023

How to Save Overwatered String of Hearts
We should remedy the overwatered string of hearts as soon as possible and take measures as soon as possible. If string of hearts is kept in a too humid environment, it is easy to rot, and there will be a lot of poor growth.

Overwatered String of Hearts Signs

In the case of string of hearts, the leaves turn yellow and the leaves rot, which must be the reason for watering too much. This is also a very common situation. When we water string of hearts, we can't water the plants by taking it for granted or feeling. This can easily lead to excessive string of hearts during caring for string of heart.

How to Identify Overwatered String of Hearts

How to Save Overwatered String of Hearts
There are many string of hearts selling sets of pots in the market. There is a plastic pot at the bottom and a transparent plastic pot outside. It is very easy to identify such string of hearts by watering them thoroughly. As long as there is water in the flowerpot, there will be a layer of water droplets on the outer plastic pot. You often observe it and wait until the water droplets become less, Or you can water the string of hearts when you don't have it. When you water it thoroughly, the flowerpot inside will leak water and directly go to the transparent plastic basin on the outer layer. Is it easy to maintain such string of hearts.
If string of hearts uses nutrient soil, its texture is very light, and it is very heavy when pouring water. In this way, we can feel it with our hands, which is very easy to distinguish.
We can also take toilet paper to test. Find a piece of toilet paper and put it under the flowerpot. After three minutes, if the toilet paper is still dry and not wet, the soil in the string of hearts basin is very dry, which needs watering. (Also Read: How to Repot a String Of Hearts)

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How to Remedy the Overwatered String of Hearts

If the roots and leaves of string of hearts are rotten due to excessive watering, in this case, we should put string of hearts in a ventilated position to let the basin soil dry quickly. We can turn over the soil on the surface of animals and plants to accelerate the evaporation of water. If the overwatered string of hearts phenomenon is serious, we can directly remove the pot and dry the soil mass, and then put it into the flower pot when it is almost dry to avoid rotten roots. Then remove the pot and trim it again. The root system trims all the rotten leaves and puts them in the pot again. String of hearts is still very easy to survive.
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