How to Propagate String of Hearts (6 Ways)

Written by Ivy

Jan 20 2023

How to Propagate String of Hearts (6 Ways)
There are 6 ways to propagate string of hearts. We can propagate string of hearts in water or soil if you like, and we can use string of hearts cuttings, tubers and seeds to get more string of hearts.

String of Hearts Propagation in Water

Propagating String of Hearts Plants in water is relatively simple.
How to Propagate String of Hearts
  • Plant selection
Before hydroponic culture, we need to select stems suitable for hydroponic culture. We can cut stems that grow healthily, are not subject to diseases and pests, and have two stems. After cleaning them, disinfect the wound, and then put string of hearts in a cool environment to wait for wound healing.
  • Prepare container
When choosing hydroponic containers, we can't choose plastic bottles with colors because the growth of plant roots and the turbidity of water cannot be observed normally with colors or patterns. Generally, we can use transparent glass containers for string of hearts hydroponic culture for easy cleaning.
  • Hydroponic culture
During the hydroponic culture of string of hearts, we can directly insert the stem into the sterilized glass bottle, fix most of the stem above the bottle mouth with string or tape, and leave only a small part of the stem to soak in clean water. In order to make string of hearts take root as soon as possible, we can add a small amount of rooting agent to the water.
  • Later maintenance
During hydroponic culture of string of hearts, we need to regularly check the condition of plant roots and water body. It is best to change the culture medium once a day and add appropriate rooting agent to it until the roots of string of hearts grow, but we still need to change the water every day to ensure the appropriate oxygen content in the water body.

String of Hearts Propagation in Soil

How to Propagate String of Hearts
  • Prepare cuttings
We can trim cuttings before cutting string of hearts. Cuttings can affect survival. Select the well growing string of hearts plant as the mother plant, and cut the strong branches. The branches do not need to be too long, but the branches should have bud points, and the branches should be segmented.
  • Processing cuttings
After the string of hearts cuttings are ready, they should be processed before cutting. We also need to prepare rooting aqueous solution, soak cuttings in rooting water, and then take them out to dry.
  • Prepare soil
The special soil for meat can be used for cutting, and the breathable and loose sandy soil can also be prepared for cutting to disinfect and sterilize the soil in advance.
  • Plant cutting
We can spray water into the soil to moisturize, then poke holes in the soil surface with a small stick, put the branches in, and gently compact them with our fingers. After cutting, pay attention to maintaining the temperature and humidity, which can promote the rooting and growth of string of hearts as soon as possible.

String of Hearts Butterfly Method Cuttings

Here are the steps of the String of Hearts butterfly method from cuttings.
How to Propagate String of Hearts
  • Cutting branches
We can cut a long branch from the string of hearts and put it in the shade to dry the cut.
  • Prepare pot soil
We should prepare a flowerpot of moderate size, fill it with the loose soil of butterfly method cuttings, and put the soil into the flower pot. 
  • Fixed Cutting
We can insert the low end of the string of hearts branch into the soil, then wrap the branch around the edge of the flowerpot, prepare a paper clip, fix the branch to the soil surface, insert the paper clip into the soil, and finally spray the basin surface wet. (Also Read: How to Repot a String Of Hearts)

String of Hearts Propagation from seed

How to Propagate String of Hearts
String of hearts is difficult to obtain seeds in family maintenance, so sowing and breeding are rarely used. String of hearts propagation from seed we usually choose the end of spring and the beginning of summer, with the temperature around 20 ℃. We can select the seeds of the current year and sow them directly.

String of Hearts Propagation by Tuber

  • Find the largest tuber
The tuber propagation of string of hearts plant is cumbersome. Compared with cutting propagation, it seems to have a higher technical content. However, the advantage is that the survival rate of tube propagation is much higher and the rooting speed is faster. The trick is to select the quality of string of hearts tube. In fact, string of hearts tuber is a kind of granular stem or bud similar to seeds. The nutrients in the particles are sufficient, which is conducive to rooting and germination.
  • Press your tuber into your soil mix
As long as we find the tuber of string of hearts, cut off the branch, directly bury it in shallow soil, and then put it in a cool astigmatism environment. After watering it appropriately, we slowly wait for new buds from string of hearts. Basically, we will succeed in breeding after 14 days.
  • Keep the soil damp
To keep the soil of string of hearts moist, we can choose a matrix with good drainage and strong permeability to grow properly. Peat soil, perlite and river sand can be mixed in the proportion of 6:1:3, or the mixed soil of water moss, perlite and sandy soil can be selected, This can not only ensure that the soil of string of hearts has good drainage and air permeability, but also sufficient nutrients.

Propagation by Laying Cuttings on Soil

How to Propagate String of Hearts
For the propagation by laying cuts of string of hearts, we generally choose the branches with strong growth, place them flat on the cultivation substrate, and prick a small wound at the stem node. Then we can fix the stem node of string of hearts in the substrate with a thin iron wire bent into a "U" shape, cover it with a small amount of substrate and maintain humidity. We can see that the stem node is hypertrophy and new roots grow in about 3 weeks, When the root system grows to 2 ~ 3cm long, cut off the stem segment with root and transplant it.

String of Hearts Care After Propagation

Light Care After Propagation

String of hearts after cutting likes sunlight very much during its growth. Except in summer, we need to give string of hearts all day sunshine in the other three seasons, so that string of hearts can grow well. In particularly hot summer, we'd better shade the string of hearts moderately to avoid yellowing of the dry tip of the plant caused by too strong light, but we can make the plant see more sunshine in the morning and evening.

Temperature Care After Propagation

The suitable temperature for the growth of string of hearts is 15 ~ 25 ℃, which can make it grow vigorously and make the plants easy to burst. When we promote string of hearts in winter, the temperature cannot be lower than 10 ℃, otherwise it is easy to frostbite. When the temperature is high in summer, we need to reduce the temperature appropriately, otherwise it is not conducive to the growth of string of hearts.

Soil Care After Propagation

In string of hearts care after propagation, we should provide suitable soil and ensure a good soil foundation to promote growth. We can mix peat soil and granular soil, and then add a small amount of organic fertilizer to supplement nutrients. The string of hearts maintained by such soil grows healthily, grows well and is very beautiful.

Watering Care After Propagation

It is very important to water the string of hearts after cutting. We can use a watering can to spray evenly around the root to ensure that the soil is wet and balanced and will not be semi dry and semi wet. The soil needs to be loose, otherwise it is easy to be blocked during watering and it is difficult to be discharged.

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Fertilizing Care After Propagation

There are usually two fertilization methods for string of hearts: base fertilizer and thin liquid fertilizer. Usually, before putting string of hearts into the basin, we can apply some solid organic fertilizer at its bottom, so that string of hearts can grow well. During the vigorous growth period of string of hearts, thin fertilizer and water are applied to it once a month, and the fertilizer can be directly poured into the flower pot of string of hearts. We need to stop fertilizing string of hearts in summer and winter.

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Is It Easy to Propagate String of Hearts?

How to Propagate String of Hearts
String of hearts is not only easy to care for, but also easy to propagate. We can take root and sprout through branch cutting. When the stem of love vine is long, we can use branches to cut. I believe that in less than two years, the number of string of hearts will increase a lot, making your balcony more beautiful.
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