How To Deadhead Verbena?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How To Deadhead Verbena?
Deadheading Verbena is necessary.Verbena flowers wither naturally after flowering. It is necessary to cut off the residual flowers, old flowers and yellow leaves of Verbena. Dead heading can save nutrients for verbena and is conducive to Verbena's compound flower. During pruning, if Verbena flowers have pest branches, they should be burned in a centralized manner after being cut off, and then Verbena should be sprayed with chemicals for pest control and disease treatment, which can be maintained in a well ventilated environment.

Does Verbena's flower wither and need to be deadhead?

Verbena flowers have a long flowering period. The flowers open from May to November. Some Verbena flowers can bloom many times. Deadheading is required after the flowers wither. After Verbena flower withers, you can use a detoxified knife to deadheading the dead branches, residual flowers, old flowers and yellow leaves of Verbena. After cutting off, you can save nutrients for verbena and facilitate the secondary flowering of Verbena.
How To Deadhead Verbena
Verbena is a shear resistant plant. If the flowers of Verbena are large, part of the flower buds can be removed, and the dry and weak flower buds should be trimmed. After picking the flower bud, it is conducive to the growth of the flower bud. After deadheading, put Verbena in a ventilated position. In the later stage, management needs to be strengthened. If properly maintained, Verbena will bloom dense flowers.
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Do the branches of Verbena flowers need to be cut off?

During deadheading Verbena, if there are diseased branches or insect branches in Verbena, the diseased branches and insect branches shall be cut off and burned together to cut off the source of infection. After cutting off the branches, Verbena can be sprayed with relevant chemicals for treatment, and then placed in a cool place for maintenance. The drug can be sprayed once in 7 ~ 10 days, continuously for 3 ~ 4 times, and the drug can be stopped after Verbena recovers.
After trimming the branches and leaves of Verbena flower, apply an appropriate amount of plant ash or healing agent on the wound of Verbena, which can avoid wound infection with bacteria and is conducive to wound healing. When placing Verbena indoors, windows should be opened frequently to maintain indoor air circulation, which is conducive to the recovery of Verbena. Verbena can be sprayed once in the later 15 ~ 30 days to prevent it.