How to Plant and Care for Tiger Lily Seeds

Written by Ivy

Nov 22 2021

How to Plant and Care for Tiger Lily Seeds
After the fruit of Tiger lily is mature, we can harvest the seeds and select healthy and full seeds for planting. Tiger lily seeds can be sown in spring and autumn, providing deep, high humus content, loose and breathable slightly acidic soil. Tiger lily seeds is soaked in water to absorb water and expand. We also use carbendazim solution to soak and disinfect, and then put it aside to dry. Tidy up the soil, evenly sow the seeds, pour enough water into the soil, and remove weeds after emergence.

Tiger lily seeds planting time

How to Plant and Care for Tiger Lily Seeds
Tiger lily seeds likes to grow in an environment of about 20 degrees. It's best to keep the temperature within this range when planting, which can improve the budding rate. Because the budding rate of tiger lily seeds is not high, the choice of time is more important. We try to plant it in spring or autumn.

How do tiger lily seeds grow?

1. Collect seeds

About 10-15 days after pollination, the ovary of Lily will gradually expand. After the fruit is mature, tiger lily seeds can be harvested from it. After tiger lily seeds is harvested, healthy and full seeds can be selected for planting, and flowers can bloom after three years of planting.

2. Sowing time

Tiger lily seeds has a high germination rate. The sowing time can be selected in spring and autumn. It likes to be warm. The suitable temperature for seed germination is about 20 degrees. The suitable temperature in spring and autumn can improve the seed germination rate.

3.  Land preparation and fertilization

We need to provide suitable planting soil. It is required to be a slightly acidic soil with deep soil layer, high humus content and loose and breathable. Such soil is more favorable for growth and can promote the germination and growth of tiger lily seeds. After the soil is ready, it can be disinfected to remove the bacteria and insect eggs contained in the soil.

4. Treated seeds

Properly treat tiger lily seeds, soak in water in advance to absorb water and expand, and soak and disinfect with carbendazim solution. After treatment, put it in a cool place nearby to dry.
How to Plant and Care for Tiger Lily Seeds

5. Seeding

After finishing the soil, we can evenly sow tiger lily seeds into the soil, maintain a certain spacing, and cover a thin layer of soil to ensure that we can cover the seeds. Pour enough water into the soil to maintain a good water supply. After the lily emerges, it can be used for thinning, remove the weeds growing next to it, and pay attention to the supply of water and fertilizer.

Tiger lily seeds storage mode

  • Soil preservation. First bury tiger lily seeds in plastic bags. Be sure to remove the air in the plastic as much as possible, and then put it into a slightly solid plastic box, which is suitable for storage for three weeks to one month.
  • Store in refrigerator. First wash the tiger lily seeds you just bought, then drain the water, put it in a cool place for 2 days, and then pack it in a fresh-keeping bag. Remember to squeeze out the air in the fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator freezer. Keep the temperature at 2-5 ℃ for half a year. If you put ice, adjust the temperature below 0 ℃ and keep it for at least two or three years.
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