How To Harvest Verbena?

Written by Ivy

Dec 21 2021

How To Harvest Verbena?
Excellent Verbena varieties are the primary condition for increasing yield. We should also set up another seed field while planting verbena. The planting method is the same as that of ordinary plants. During the period, we should strengthen field management and properly apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer before Verbena flowering, so as to make Verbena plants full of seeds and obtain more improved varieties.
When Verbena seeds are about to mature, they can be harvested. The harvested Verbena seeds can be put in a ventilated and dry shade for 4 ~ 6 days, and then they can be threshed. Remove impurities and shriveled seeds, dry them for about 3 to 4 days, put Verbena seeds into clean cloth bags, and then put them in a ventilated warehouse for Verbena promotion next year.
When planting Verbena seeds, ensure that its humidity and temperature are suitable, so that seedlings will grow in about 10 ~ 20 days. When the height of seedlings reaches 5cm, they can be transplanted. There is no need to deliberately set aside a single line, but the distance between plants in each line should be kept at about 10 cm, so as to leave space for normal growth and development.
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Verbena Maintenance

When weeding Verbena, we can loosen the subsoil and properly cultivate the soil. When the planting soil is too dry, we should water it in time to ensure the normal growth of Verbena. Removing weeds regularly can prevent grassland shortage and increase high yield. If we see grass, we can remove it to ensure that there are no weeds in the area with Verbena. In rainy seasons, pay attention to timely drainage. After rain, loosen the soil of Verbena in time to prevent soil surface knot from affecting root respiration.

Verbena Pest Control

Verbena has few diseases and pests during its growth. Most of the problems are mainly root rot caused by long-term ponding in the soil. We need to do a good job in drainage and soil loosening in time. In serious cases, carbendazim needs to be used to irrigate Verbena roots every seven to ten days.