How to grow and care for Hoya

Written by Maggie

Mar 31 2021

How to grow and care for Hoya

Hoya is a common family potted plant, which is very good-looking when flowering, so it is loved by flower friends. The following sort out growing Hoya care.

1. Temperature care for growing Hoya

Hoya is not cold resistant. Generally, the suitable temperature for the growth of Hoya is 15-25℃. When we grow and care for Hoya, the indoor temperature needs to be kept above 10℃ in winter.

2. Soil care for growing Hoya

Hoya potting soil is generally humic loam, and the soil drainage should be good.

3. Lighting care for growing Hoya

When we grow and care for Hoya, it is recommended to put it on the south window sill in spring and autumn for maintenance, which can maintain sufficient light, keep the green and bright leaf color of Hoya, and help Hoya blossom well.

However, when we grow and care for Hoya in summer, it is necessary to move Hoya to an indoor shaded place for maintenance, so as to prevent strong sunlight exposure in summer, which may cause the leaf color to turn yellow easily.

In addition, Hoya is conserved in a place with insufficient light for a long time, so the leaf color of Hoya becomes pale, and the flowers are less and not gorgeous.

4. Watering care for growing Hoya

When we grow and care for Hoya, watering principle to see dry see wet, if too much watering easy root rot, but in the hot summer must be watered enough.In addition, Hoya can often spray water on the leaves, which can increase the humidity of the air.

Hoya care

5. Fertilizer care for growing Hoya

Fertilizer to Hoya generally organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer. When we grow and care for Hoya in the growth season, flower friends can apply 1-2 times a month with nitrogen and phosphorus combination of thin cookie fertilizer water.

6. Pruning care for growing Hoya

When we grow and care for Hoya, the young plants of Hoya should be picked early to promote the germination of new shoots. Meanwhile, scaffolds should be set up in time to allow Hoya to climb up and grow.Hoya flowers should be allowed to fall off naturally after the flower, and can not cut off the flower stem.

7. Winter care for growing Hoya

As mentioned above, Hoya is not cold resistant, and the suitable temperature for growth is 15-25℃. When we grow and care for Hoya, if the indoor temperature is lower than 5℃ in winter, it is very vulnerable to cold damage. When frozen, it is easy to cause falling leaves of Hoya, and if serious, it is easy to let the plant die.

8. Hoya pest & disease control

Hoya common anthrax, bad spot disease, leaf spot harm, can be used 50% carbendazim WP 600 times liquid or 70% mancozeb WP 400-6W times liquid spray prevention and control. In addition, scale insects and powder breakage can be killed by spraying 40% oxidized diethoate emulsion 800-1000 times liquid or 80% dichlorvos emulsion 100 times liquid.

Hoya care