How to grow and care for Chinese croton

Written by Maggie

Mar 30 2021

How to grow and care for Chinese croton

Chinese Croton is a small evergreen shrub of Euphorbiaceae, which is a kind of foliage and flower watching plant with high practical value. What plant is put to study sitting room? I believe that many friends will say asparagus, green plants, turtleback bamboo and other evergreen plants. Although good, it lacks a little color. Chinese Croton is a good choice! Now, let's learn growing Chinese Croton care.

Soil care for growing Chinese croton

When we grow and care for Chinese croton, we can use all sorts of quality of basin, and to grow in permeability good grow best in clay soil, but in the indoor owes beautiful, can coat a porcelain bowl, or directly with yixing pots, plastic pots or porcelain pot, in pelvic floor mat a 5 cm to 8 cm thick layer of rubble or hard plastic foam, enhance its air filter water, in case the roots rotted. The culture soil should be loose and fertile slightly acidic sandy loam, which can be mixed with leaf rot soil and garden soil in equal amounts, and then added with 10%-20% river sand or perlite. Turn over the basin for 2 years, and as the plant grows up and changes to use a large basin, avoid with a large basin planted seedlings, otherwise not only the growth is not good, there is a risk of rotting root.

Sewage sludge care for growing Chinese croton

When we grow and care for Chinese croton, generally it needs to be watered once every 7 to 10 days, each time the water should be uniform soil moisture, to avoid the soil water, when soil fertilizers enough without fertilization, if lack of fertilizers in soil, its topdressing NPK compound fertilizer, the general flowering will spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution.

Trimming care for growing Chinese croton

When we grow and care for chinese croton in spring, we should be combined to give shed to undertake pruning to basin plants, sparse had been to dense branches, undertake shortcut to too long branches, make crown plump and interior ventilated permeable light is good. Because of strong branching ability, growth periods such as branches dense, can be at any time the line of sparse shears at the same time by often picking off the top of the branches, to promote branching, forming plump and compact plant shape.

Chinese Croton care

Temperature care for growing Chinese croton

The cold resistance of Chinese croton is not very high, so it is necessary to keep warm in winter. The normal growth temperature is between 15°C and 25℃. When we grow and care for Chinese croton, it is also necessary to keep the temperature above 15℃ in winter. If the temperature is lower than 5℃, it is easy to suffer frostbite.

Winter care for growing Chinese croton

Although the negative tolerance of Chinese croton is very strong, it does not mean that it is cold resistant. Generally, Chinese croton can grow normally when the temperature is 15-25 ℃, but if it is lower than 12℃ in winter, it will stop growing. When we grow and care for Chinese croton in the winter evening, the temperature must be controlled at about 10℃.

Chinese croton pest & disease

Chinese croton are usually pest and disease free, though they are susceptible to common houseplant pests such as mealybugs, spider mites, and scale insects.

Chinese croton propagationChinese croton propagation is simple; all that is required is that you create a cutting from the top of the plant and place it in soil to take root. One caveat though; this new plant will require warmth to take root so you may need to create a greenhouse atmosphere for it to grow. One method of creating this effect is to use a plastic bag to cover the plant. Make sure to water the plant before you put the bag over it; the new plant should not need to be watered again until new growth begins to form and the plant takes root. You can also use seeds to plant new croton plants.
Chinese Croton care