How to grow and care for Beet

Written by Maggie

Jan 27 2021

How to grow and care for Beet

Beet prefers a little cooler, not too hot. Water should be applied reasonably according to its growth stage, not more during harvest. You need ten hours of light a day, and sufficient light is a condition for growth. Before planting we need to apply enough base fertilizer, generally to farm fertilizer. The following are details of growing Beet care

Beet care

1. Temperature care for growing beet

Beet likes to grow in a cooler environment. When we grow and care for Beet, the temperature should not be too high and the cold resistance is optimistic. The suitable temperature for growth is between 15 and 25 degrees, and the temperature at night should be kept around 20 degrees. Beet's seedlings can tolerate temperatures of minus five degrees for a short period of time.

2. Watering care for growing beet

Beet branch and leaf area are relatively large, during the summer growth of water evaporation will be relatively fast, so you need to often to water, let the plant rapid grow, but in half a month before the harvest to reduce watering or not watering. When we grow and care for Beet, the specific amount of water needs to be based on the growth of the plant and soil changes to decide.

3. Illumination care for growing beet

The growth of the Beet needs sufficient illumination, and it will grow well under sufficient illumination. When we grow and care for Beet, it needs about 10 hours of illumination every day, but no more than 15 hours. Light will allow the Beet to accumulate enough sugar, and if not enough light will produce nitrogen, which will affect the final fruit.

Beet care

4. Fertilization care for growing beet

When we grow and care for Beet before transplanting we need to apply foot fertilizer, fertile soil is conducive to the growth of seedlings, seed fertilizer is mainly based on phosphate fertilizer, followed by top fertilizer in summer of each year, mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer, can apply urea.

5. Pruning care for growing beet

No need for pruning, because Beet is finally taken its stem block, Beet's branches and leaves do not have much effect. But when we grow and care for Beet, Beet appears diseases and insect pests, will be shown on the branches and leaves, then you need to pay attention to it.

6. Beet care for disease and pests control

In the rainy season when there may be a brown spot. When we grow and care for Beet, we can use diluted methyl tobujin solution to control. Jumping armour will appear in summer, and we can spray pesticides to control.

Beet care