How to grow and care for a rose in the pot

Written by Maggie

Jan 25 2021

How to grow and care for a rose in the pot

Are all the beautiful flowers hard to feed? In fact, it is not. Just like our roses, they are also relatively easy to survive. Today we will introduce growing and care for roses in the pots to you.

care for roses in the pots

Steps of growing roses in the pots

1. Potted soil for growing roses: The selection of potted soil for planting roses is particularly important. We can use a mixture of 70 percent garden soil, 10 percent river sand and 20 percent coal cinder as pot soil.

2. On the basin time: rose on the basin time is best in the early winter after falling leaves or before the early spring bud. Because in this period of time is conducive to the growth of rose roots, the survival rate is relatively high.

3. Watering: watering is one of the basic work of flowers, but it is often made in the cause of easy death of plants. Watering to see the basin soil, the basin soil to see dry as the sign of watering, dry enough watering, but do not water too much, otherwise it will lead to fallen leaves, root rot, death. Too wet will cause root rot. We need to change basin soil every other year, when changing basin, want to cut the surrounding root of basin bottom, can make so spend much, spend big, spend colourful.

4. Light: roses like sunshine, sunshine can promote good growth, whether in the ground, potted plants should be in a sunny place, to accept more than 4 hours of direct sunlight every day.Cannot be placed for a long time in the place with insufficient indoor light.

Fertilization: potted roses are controlled by limited pot soil, so the requirements of fertilizer and water are relatively strict. (1) the first choice of both convenient and health compound fertilizer, because there are various elements of compound fertilizer, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium with better, each plant each application of about 20 grams (quantity is not too much), with iron to the basin around the edge of the basin soil deep about 10 centimeters, and then put the fertilizer under, and then cover the soil.

care for roses in the pots

2. Trimming care for growing roses in the pot

Potted pruning has two big benefits: 1. The pruning is more beautiful. 2. Grow better flowers, generally over the winter, to the ground 10 cm or so cut off all branches, so that the smooth overwinter. After beginning of spring, new bud sprouting, select and remain 2-3 bud, the rest of the torn off by hand, when the buds grow to about 10 to 15 cm, take off the tops with the hand, a few days later, each branch sprout will grow two or three, so the whole rose plant type is compact, complete sewage sludge can be concentrated supply several branches, open flowers is big, can the will of the individual. After blooming, you can cut off the flower branches that have bloomed, and soon grow new flowers.If you want to spend more, keep fewer branches and remove some of the excess buds. If you want to spend more, shoot more tops. Rose flowers consume nutrition larger, because this pregnant bud before and after flowering. We need to fertilize rose in time.

3. Pest control for growing adn care for roses in the pot

Potted roses are mainly infested with green insects and scale insects, which are easy to treat, but it is difficult to treat scale insects once they break out, which will lead to infestation of the whole plant and disease. Therefore, the prevention and control of scale insects is the key point of domestic roses. To prevent and control scale insects, roses should be placed in well-ventilated, well-lit places, and cut off many branches of roses, keeping a few main branches, so that internal ventilation.Keep the soil moist, but not water. There is white spot on the rose branch when discovered, scrape with bamboo piece in time, if more serious, cut off the whole branch directly, even the whole branch, combine and spray the medicine that kills scale insects.

care for roses in the pots