How to Care for Mother of Thousands Plant (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana)

Written by Ivy

Nov 15 2021

How to Care for Mother of Thousands Plant (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana)
Mother of Thousands Plant (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana) is a kind of succulent plant for garden beginners. The name of mother of thousands plant is very domineering, and its growth mode is also very domineering. Because if we propagate mother of thousands plant, we don't water it all year round, but as long as there is a thin layer of soil, it can live, but in comparison, it certainly doesn't grow big after watering.

Mother of Thousands Plant Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Kalanchoe Daigremontiana
Common Name Mother of Thousands
When to Grow/Bloom/Harvest Plant in the fall until early spring/Bloom in the late winter
Uses Used in cases of infertility
Origin Madagascar
Light Care Indirect sunlight
Soil Care Commercial cactus soil mix
Temperature Care 60°F (16°C) to 75°F (24°C)
Humidity Care Low humidity
Watering Sensitive to water
Pruning Care Prune Mother of thousands plant regularly
Fertilizer Care Diluted liquid fertilizer or one intended for cacti
Propagation Cuttings
Toxic Poisonous to cats
Flower Color Greyish-pink color

When does Mother of Thousands Plant Bloom & Harvest

Mother of Thousands Plant not only blooms, but also has very shaped flowers. It is a high ornamental flower. The flowering period of Mother of Thousands Plant is probably in spring, and the flowering will be about January to March. The Corolla is light red or purplish red, and the calyx is cylindrical.
How to Care for Mother of Thousands Plant (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana)

Mother of Thousands Plant Care in Detail

Mother of Thousands Plant Watering

In summer, when there is a lot of rain, mother of thousands plant requires less water. At this time, we must control the watering, not to accumulate water, nor let it be rained for a long time. Otherwise, the roots of mother of thousands plant will begin to rot, and the whole plant will die in serious cases. However, when the temperature is particularly high and there is little rain, it is still necessary to water appropriately. In autumn and winter, because the temperature is slowly decreasing, the growth of Mother of Thousands Plant is also slow down. You can't water too much to break its growth law, otherwise it will grow in vain.

Mother of Thousands Plant Soil

Mother of Thousands Plant is suitable for growing in acid soil with good drainage. When potting, 3 parts of rotten leaf soil and 1 part of sandy soil can be used as matrix. Mother of Thousands Plant has very low demand for soil, but as a florist, if you want plants to grow well, you can't reduce this requirement. We can use the universal flower soil as the matrix and mix a little sandy soil as an auxiliary to enhance the drainage and permeability of the soil and prolong the service life of the soil.

Mother of Thousands Plant Light

Mother of Thousands Plant is a light loving plant. We should ensure that the plant has more than 6 hours of light every day. We should pay attention to avoiding direct sunlight when the sun is strong in summer.

Mother of Thousands Plant Temperature

Mother of thousand plant is relatively cold resistant. The most suitable soil for growth is acidic soil with good drainage and relatively fertile. The most suitable temperature for mother of thousands plant is 13 ° C to 19 ° C, and the temperature requirement in winter is 7 ° C to 10 ° C.

Mother of Thousands Plant Humidity

Generally, the watering of mother of thousandand plant does not need too much. The demand for water of mother of thousands plant is still relatively limited. We usually water it 2-3 times a week, and ensure that the soil moisture is wet each time. Mother of thousands plant likes to be warm, but it is not conducive to growth in a very muggy environment. Mother of thousands plant needs to be protected from cold in winter.

Mother of Thousands Plant Fertilizer

The growth rate of mother of thousands plant is relatively fast, so the requirements for fertilizer and water are relatively high. We can irrigate mother of thousands plant with diluted organic nitrogen fertilizer every 15 days, which can promote the growth and development of leaves of mother of thousands plant. The watering time should not be too diligent. Water as long as the soil is dry, We should not water too often to avoid black rot.
How to Care for Mother of Thousands Plant (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana)

Mother of Thousands Plant Pruning

Most people don't do much pruning when propagating mother of thousands plant. Properly removing the top bud of mother of thousands plant can effectively promote the germination of side buds and make the potted plants look more full and vigorous. Moreover, after pruning the aged and redundant leaves, it can effectively avoid the interference of diseases and pests, At the same time, the healthy leaves of mother of thousands plant can be trimmed and sprinkled on the soil for leaf cutting, so that they can become new mother of thousands plant potted plants in a short time.

Mother of Thousands Plant Repotting

We should try our best to conduct mother of thousands plant repotting once a year, because mother of thousands plant still has high requirements for soil permeability. Even if you don't change the pot, you need to turn the pot regularly, otherwise the soil will agglomerate, which is unfavorable to the growth of the plant. In addition, the root system also needs to be slightly repaired while the Mother of Thousands Plant repotting.

Mother of Thousands Plant Propagation

How to Care for Mother of Thousands Plant (Kalanchoe Daigremontiana)

Mother of Thousands Plant Propagation from Cutting

For Mother of Thousands Plant propagation from cutting, we can insert the cuttings into the pot soil from the inside to the outside, maintain an appropriate spacing, place them in a sunny place for cultivation, and replenish water in time when the pot soil is dry. We can also culture adventitious buds in stone cracks. First fill the stone cracks with broken water moss or peat, place the finished products in a shallow basin, and add appropriate water to wet the reef, which is conducive to the rooting of adventitious buds. After adventitious buds take root, we can place the plant in a place with full sunlight or direct sunlight. We don't need to apply fertilizer, but just replenish water to the basin soil in time.

Mother of Thousands Plant Propagation from Seed

Mother of Thousands Plant can also sow and reproduce. We can select healthy and full seeds and then sow them in the soil. Because the seeds are relatively small, there is no need to cover the soil after sowing. Then, water it properly and put it in a cool place. In about half a month, Mother of Thousands Plant seeds will grow small buds.

Mother of Thousands Plant Benefits

Mother of Thousands Plant can absorb harmful gases better, purify the air better, put it in a bright and ventilated place on the balcony better, especially drought resistant, less watering, afraid of waterlogging, and extensive management. Because Mother of Thousands Plant has strong vitality, can adapt to harsh environment and has strong reproductive ability.
The efficacy and function of Mother of Thousands Plant is to clear away heat and detoxify, cool blood and stop bleeding, and can treat traumatic injury, traumatic bleeding, erysipelas, ulcers, sores, cough, sore throat, joint pain, stomach pain, etc. Mother of Thousands Plant is cold in nature and tastes bitter and sour. Mash and apply fresh leaves to the affected area to treat carbuncle, erysipelas, etc.