Carolina Jessamine Vine Care - Grow and Propagation

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Nov 11 2021

Carolina Jessamine Vine Care - Grow and Propagation
The appearance of Carolina jessamine(Gelsemium Sempervirens) is very beautiful and generous. Carolina jessamine has a long flowering period, from October to April the next year. What are the propagation methods and precautions for Carolina jessamine vine?

Carolina Jessamine Vine Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Gelsemium Sempervirens
Common Name Carolina Jessamine
When to Grow/Bloom/Harvest Grow in the late winter, around February/Bloom in the spring
Uses Use Ornamental
Origin Virginia and Florida west to Arkansas
Light Care Tolerate light shade
Soil Care Moist soil
Temperature Care 77 and 90 degrees F (25 to 32°C)
Humidity Care Moisture
Watering Regular watering
Pruning Care Trim the plant back more severely toward the end of fall
Fertilizer Care Fertilize the vines annually in spring
Propagation Hardwood and semi hardwood cuttings
Toxic Contains strychnine-like alkaloids
Flower Color Yellow

Carolina Jessamine Vine Care in Detail

Carolina Jessamine Vine Care - Water, Prune, Repot and Fertilizer

Carolina Jessamine Vine Watering

In winter, when we water the potted Carolina Jessamine vine, we can't judge according to the number of days, because in winter, sometimes the air humidity is high and sometimes dry. If we water according to the number of days, it is easy to cause too much watering, resulting in yellowing and drying of carolina jessamine vine leaves, premature withering of flowers and withering of plants. However, the soil is relatively dry without watering. Coupled with the dry air, the leaves are easy to turn yellow and the flowers will wither in advance.
Because the flowering period of Carolina jessamine vine is from October to April of the next year. For example, Carolina jessamine vine is flowering at this time, we need to pay attention not to spray a lot of water on the plants or flowers, which is easy to cause the flowers to wither in advance. Moreover, it is very cold in winter. If the plant is sprayed with a lot of water and blown by the cold wind, it is easy to cause fallen leaves or unopened flowers to fail to bloom.
When we water the potted Carolina jessamine vine in winter, we need to pay attention to the dryness and wetness of the soil and the dryness and wetness of the conservation environment. If the air humidity is relatively high and there is still water in the soil, you can't water it. You need to water it after the soil is dry. If it is relatively dry and the room may be heated, then we need to wait until the soil is dry and then run through. The soil can be moisten slightly, and the branches and leaves will spray a little moisture, so as to prevent the drying leaves from yellowing and keep away from the heating.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Soil

Carolina jessamine vine likes to grow in loose and breathable soil rich in organic matter. It is best to use neutral soil when potting, and never use alkali or acid soil to avoid poor root growth. We can use the mixed soil of peat soil and leaf rot soil, and then add an appropriate amount of humus soil to Carolina jessamine vine and mix it evenly.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Light

Carolina jessamine vine is a sun loving and light loving plant, so it is not suitable to grow in the shade for a long time, but it can not be exposed to too high temperature in summer. We need to use 50% - 70% shading net to cover Carolina jessamine vine, but excessive covering will also affect and delay its flowering period.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Temperature

The suitable growth temperature range of Carolina jessamine vine is about 18-28 ℃, and the temperature is relatively low at night, which can be maintained at 10-20 ℃.
When the temperature is too high or too lower than the above two ranges, the growth of Carolina jessamine vine will be restrained, especially when the temperature is too low for a long time, it will enter the dormant state, and the new seedlings are relatively less cold resistant, and will fall asleep below - 3 ℃;
The old strain of Carolina jessamine vine can withstand low temperature of - 20 ℃. The development temperature of growing flower buds should be 15-20 ℃, and the night temperature should not be lower than 10 ℃, otherwise the flower buds will wither gradually.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Humidity

French perfume flower love wet environment, so we can not let Carolina Jessamine Vine in too boring, usually should pay attention to see the French perfume flower soil can be boring, if the invention of boring should pour water in real time, but should pay attention to prevent excessive pouring, causing too wet, stimulate root rot scene.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Fertilizer

Adequate nutrients are very important for the growth of Carolina jessamine vine. Nutrients are also essential during the growth period of Carolina jessamine vine. Fertilization can be applied once every 30 days on average. We should choose diluted liquid fertilizer. The concentration should not be too high. We can choose compound fertilizer. (Find more Climbing Plants with Flowers here.)

Carolina Jessamine Vine Pruning

In order to make the potted Carolina jessamine vine plump and beautiful, the withered flower branches should be cut immediately after the flower withers, so as to promote the new technology of base germination and control the plant height. Jasmine blooms most vigorously with 3-6-year-old seedlings, and then ages year by year. Carolina jessamine vine pruning must be carried out in time. Before the Spring Festival germination, the raw branches can be properly cut short and the base 10-15 cm can be reserved, so that most strong new branches can occur. If the new branches grow vigorously, they should pick the heart when they grow up to 10 cm and promote the secondary shoots, then they will bloom more, with compact flower type and high ornamental value. Carolina jessamine vine pruning should be carried out in sunny days. It can be combined with thinning leaves to remove the diseased branches, and can adjust the plants to facilitate growth and pregnant bud flowering.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Repotting

The Carolina jessamine vine we just bought is usually brought with a simple basin. After receiving it, don't worry about giving it to Carolina jessamine vine repotting. They are all cultivated in soil with good air permeability. After transportation to our home, we must first put it in a place with low temperature, the best ventilation around 10 degrees and good ventilation, Go to see a little scattered light for it, put it in such a position, slow down for two or three days, and let him adapt to your home environment. We must not directly put it in a place with high temperature to give Carolina jessamine vine repotting, which is wrong. We should check whether the basin soil is dry. If it is dry, we should water it in time. After slowing down the seedlings, if the leaves do not fall and wilt, and there is no problem, we should gradually put it in a place with higher temperature and sufficient light. If we want to give Carolina jessamine vine repotting, we can, Because its root system is very developed, we try not to hurt the root for Carolina jessamine vine repotting. When changing the basin, we try to choose one size larger than his original basin. Don't use too large basin. The soil with good air permeability should be close to its original soil. Fill it directly and plant it. Do not use too high potted plants as much as possible. After Carolina jessamine vine repotting is finished, we can water him directly. Add some rooting liquid and carbendazim to water him. In this way, don't use fertilizer for him after planting. Wait for about a week. Watch his flower buds start to grow or obviously start to grow. Let's use phosphorus and potassium fertilizer for him, Just promote his rapid flowering.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Pest & Disease Control

The growth of Carolina jessamine vine is accompanied by various diseases and insect pests. In addition to the use of chemicals for prevention and control, the application of water is also the key.
In summer, the main diseases of Carolina jessamine vine are anthrax, and powdery mildew is easy to cause in spring and autumn. In winter, Carolina jessamine vine is troubled by gray mold, which can be said to be injured in all seasons. Therefore, we need to spray calcium and boron on physiological falling flowers. There are relatively few insect pests, but we should also beware of the invasion of moth and butterfly larvae.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Propagation from Cutting

A propagation method of this plant is Carolina jessamine vine propagation from cutting. We can carry out cutting in spring or autumn. In spring, we generally select plants more than one year old to cut their strong and mature branches. In autumn, we can select twigs growing in that year, retain 2 ~ 3 leaves at the top, and cut them in loose In fertile and breathable soil.
After we are in Carolina jessamine vine cutting propagation, we should put the flowerpot in a cool and ventilated place and water the plants appropriately. The plant has not yet taken root, so we need to control the amount of watering. We can't apply fertilizer, and we can't put the plant in the sun. After 15 ~ 20 days, after the plant grows roots, the plant can be placed in a place with sufficient light, and proper water and fertilizer can promote plant growth.
Carolina jessamine likes warm temperature. The temperature suitable for plant growth is between 18 ~ 28 degrees, and the winter temperature is above 0 degrees. Carolina jessamine is afraid of high temperature. During summer, if the outdoor temperature is above 35 ℃, the plants need to be moved to a cool indoor for maintenance. The plant is cold resistant. The temperature in winter should be above 0 degrees. Plants with more than two years old can resist the low temperature of minus 20 degrees. French perfume Jasmine likes to shine. In the two season of spring and autumn, we can move the plants to the outside, giving Carolina Jessamine plenty of light and proper watering. If shade is needed in summer, the plants after Carolina jessamine vine cutting propagation can be moved outdoors in the morning or afternoon. In summer, the amount of watering and air humidity should be increased. The light is weak in winter. We can put the plants on the indoor balcony. We need to control the water in winter.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Benefits

Carolina jessamine vine is an ornamental climbing plant. And Carolina jessamine vine is a fast-growing vine, which can grow to 9 ~ 10m in ground and 3 ~ 6m in pot. After planting it, you need to put up a vine rack in the flowerpot early. Carolina jessamine vine is native to the southern United States and Central America.
Carolina jessamine vine, a plant belonging to the genus rhynchus in the money family, contains some alkaloids. On the good side, these substances are harmful to insects, so there are very few pests and diseases in French perfume. But on the bad side, these alkaloids are also toxic to humans. The aroma of Carolina jessamine vine is non-toxic, and the juice in her body is toxic. As long as we don't eat it in our mouth, we'll be fine. However, from the perspective of safety, families with children and pets are not recommended to keep it.
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