Can Dusty Miller Flower (Jacobaea Maritima) Bloom?

Written by Ivy

Nov 23 2021

Can Dusty Miller Flower (Jacobaea Maritima) Bloom?
Can Dusty Miller Flower (Jacobaea Maritima) Bloom? Yes! In the wonderful nature, flowers have always existed in the world with high-quality ornamental, and there are countless varieties of flowers. Green leaves have always been used to set off flowers. They have never been the protagonist. But have you ever heard of a dusty Miller whose flowers are not beautiful? The reason why dusty miller can have a place in many flower plants is that its leaves are more beautiful than flowers.

Will dusty Miller Flower blossom?

Can Dusty Miller Flower (Jacobaea Maritima) Bloom?
Dust Miller is different from normal flowers. The leaves are silvery white. There are many fluff on the front of the leaves. The leaves are clustered and have a large number of branches. There are two kinds of leaves: Feather sawtooth, leaf spoon and long strip. From a distance, dusty Miller in the sun is like an ice flower attached to plants. It is extremely beautiful. Such a strange appearance makes Dusty Miller flower a treasure of ornamental plants.
Dusty Miller mostly grows in South China and the Mediterranean. The flowering period of dusty miller flower is in summer, from June to September every year; The size of the flower is similar to that of common wild chrysanthemum. The head is yellow with a single branch. In the world of flowers, dusty Miller flower is used to match various floral works. Its special shape and unique color make people feel like watching ice flowers. (Read more about Dust Miller.)

Dusty Miller Flower Meanings

Can Dusty Miller Flower (Jacobaea Maritima) Bloom?
Each flower has a corresponding flower language, and the flower language of dusty Miller flower is "harvest", which symbolizes a beautiful meaning. Therefore, people usually combine it with other flowers as a blessing to others to gain something in their career, love and study, and even be used in wedding ceremonies on some special occasions.
Dusty Miller flower is suitable for growing in loose and fertile soil with good drainage. It can grow more vigorously by mixing rotten leaves with the soil as fertilizer; Need sunshine, but also like a cool and humid environment, not afraid of drought and cold. During its growth, it will not be threatened by pests, making the leaves of dusty Miller flower more beautiful.

Suitable temperature for flowering period of Dusty Miller flower

The most suitable growth temperature of dusty Miller flower is 20 ~ 25 ℃, and the sprouting ability of plant is the strongest at 25 ℃; It can grow at a low temperature of - 5 ° below zero, and can also overwinter in the open in South China with mild climate.