Aralia Ming Indoor Care And Propagation

Written by Ivy

Nov 29 2021

Aralia Ming Indoor Care And Propagation
Aralia Ming is an evergreen shrub. Aralia Ming likes a warm, humid and sunny environment. It is resistant to semi-shade, not cold, and afraid of drought. Indoor maintenance Aralia Ming we can keep the plants in bright places for a long time, and the plants will grow more vigorously when we see several hours of sunshine every day. In summer, we should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight. During the growth period, keep the basin soil moist without ponding. We can often spray Aralia Ming with water close to the room temperature to increase the air humidity and make the leaf color fresh.

Aralia Ming Quick Info

Botanical/Scientific Name Polyscias Fruticosa
Common Name Ming Aralia, Aralia Ming
When to Grow/Bloom/Harvest Grow in the spring
Uses Popular and showy houseplant
Origin India and Polynesia
Light Care Bright, indirect light
Soil Care Rich, loamy, well-drained
Temperature Care 65-85°F
Humidity Care Consistently moist
Watering Soft water
Pruning Care Regular pruning
Fertilizer Care A liquid fertilizer monthly
Propagation Cuttings
Toxic Cause low toxicity of eaten
Flower Color Yellow, white

When does Aralia Ming Bloom & Harvest

Aralia Ming Indoor Care And Propagation
Aralia Ming will bloom. It usually takes us five years to see Aralia Ming bloom. The flowers of Aralia Ming are umbels. The flowers are small and light white green. As a foliage plant, Aralia Ming flowers do not have high ornamental value. In addition, due to environmental reasons, its flowers are rarely seen. If we want it to blossom, we must ensure sufficient light and appropriate fertilization.

Aralia Ming Care in Detail

Aralia Ming Watering

During the growth period of Aralia Ming, we can often spray water on the plants to keep the air at the humidity suitable for the growth of phlox. It is also necessary to keep the basin soil moist at ordinary times, but do not water too much to cause ponding. The roots of Aralia Ming can adapt to dry soil, but they are afraid of soaking. Once ponding in the basin is easy to lead to plant rotten roots, so we can wait until the soil is completely dry before watering.
The temperature is high in summer. In addition to frequent watering, it is also necessary to spray water on the leaves once a day. This can not only improve the air humidity, but also make the leaves shiny and improve the beauty of Aralia Ming. When the temperature drops significantly in late autumn, we must control watering. In winter, we should appropriately reduce the number of watering for Aralia Ming, which can be replaced by spraying water on the plants. When spraying water or watering, use water at a temperature similar to the room temperature to avoid Aralia Ming frostbite.

Aralia Ming Soil

Aralia Ming takes loose, fertile and well-drained sandy loam as the best, providing it with a loose, moist and fertile soil environment. Aralia Ming potting soil can be prepared by mixing 4 parts of rotten leaf soil, 4 parts of garden soil, 2 parts of sand and a small amount of retted cake fertilizer or bone powder.

Aralia Ming Light

Aralia Ming needs bright light. Insufficient light is easy to cause excessive length of stems and leaves, dim leaf bags and hidden spots, but at the same time, avoid strong light exposure, especially after long rain and early sunshine in early summer, prevent the leaves from being burned. At ordinary times, we can put Aralia Ming in front of a well ventilated window in the north or East in summer, and it is better to put it indoors in winter. In short, under the environment of half light and bright scattered light, Aralia Ming grows most vigorously.

Aralia Ming Temperature

The suitable temperature for the growth of Aralia Ming is 15 ~ 30 ℃, which can be maintained at 20 ~ 30 ℃ from April to October and 13 ~ 20 ℃ from October to next April. Generally, the room temperature shall be maintained at no less than 10 ℃ in winter. When the temperature is above 32 ℃ in summer, we can't let it go. For mass production, we should put up a shed for shade. For family viewing Aralia Ming, we should put it in a cool place and spray water around to cool it, so as to create a cool environment close to the original conditions. In late autumn and early winter, when the temperature drops to 15 ℃, it shall be moved indoors in time to avoid cold damage to the plant. If the room temperature can be maintained above 20 ℃ in winter, the stems and leaves of Aralia Ming continue to grow; If the temperature is not high, Aralia Ming stops growing and enters a semi dormant state.

Aralia Ming Humidity

In addition to keeping the soil moist, Aralia Ming should also maintain high environmental humidity in order to maintain a good growth state. Especially when it is hot in summer, we can spray Aralia Ming once a day to avoid the surrounding air being too dry.
In winter, although watering should be reduced, sprinkle water should be sprayed to increase humidity. Spray water around the environment will increase the humidity. Instead of watering, spray can avoid the withering of the leaves and keep the leaves of Aralia Ming green.
Aralia Ming Indoor Care And Propagation

Aralia Ming Fertilizer

Generally speaking, we can apply diluted liquid fertilizer once a week after growing buds in the basin of Aralia Ming, and then apply organic fertilizer or phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once or twice a month in the basin soil of Aralia Ming. When Aralia Ming is growing vigorously, you must not apply nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise there is still a great possibility of overgrowth. Therefore, you can apply some phosphorus or potassium fertilizer relatively evenly, so as to better promote the plant growth of Aralia Ming and make the leaves of Aralia Ming greener.

Aralia Ming Pruning

Firstly, during the growth period of Aralia Ming, in order to promote the plant to germinate more branches and leaves, and to enrich and plump the whole potted plant, when Aralia Ming grows to a certain height, it should be peeled. Aralia Ming must choose a good time to remove the top bud, which is mainly determined by the time and the growth state of the plant.
The pruning of Aralia Ming is mainly to cut off the sick and disabled branches. We can prune these branches regularly, which can not only avoid some unnecessary nutrient consumption and promote them to germinate more green and bright branches and leaves, but also keep them in a good posture and improve the viewing effect. It can be seen that it is very necessary to trim Aralia Ming.
However, as the growth time of Aralia Ming goes by, during the metabolic growth process of Aralia Ming, many original leaves in the lower part will gradually dry and fall off, and then bare rods will be exposed, like trees. If it is allowed to develop in this way, Aralia Ming is bound to grow very high, which will seriously affect the indoor viewing effect. Therefore, we need to cut and trim the lower pole at a certain height, so that Aralia Ming can be controlled at a suitable height.

Aralia Ming Repotting

The newly bought Aralia Ming is not suitable for changing pots immediately, because it takes time for Aralia ming to adapt to the new environment. If Aralia Ming is forced to change pots, it may cause withered leaves and even damage the roots. Therefore, it is not too late to change pots after Aralia Ming adapts to the environment. If the soil is not suitable for the growth of Aralia Ming, it can be replaced in time.
When we change the pots for Aralia Ming, we'd better choose a larger flower pot, which is conducive to the growth of Aralia Ming's roots. The pot soil is preferably fertile and loose sandy loam, or garden soil, river sand and sawdust can be configured in the ratio of 3:1:1. When preparing basin soil, you can also use rotten bean cake as base fertilizer in the basin.
We can gently break up the old soil of Aralia Ming. Except for the old soil attached to the root system that is difficult to remove, we can clean up all other soil. Then properly trim the roots of Aralia Ming, cut off the dead and rotten roots, and keep the roots healthy
We can plant Aralia Ming in the new pot soil. Now lay a layer of soil on the bottom of the pot, then erect Aralia Ming in the middle of the pot, and slowly fill the pot with soil, so as not to damage the root system and cause root infection. We should not leave gaps, which will lead to unstable plants and easy water leakage.

Aralia Ming Pest & Disease Control

Aralia Ming Indoor Care And Propagation

Anthracnose of Aralia Ming

The most common disease of Aralia Ming is anthrax. The causes of anthrax are insufficient light, poor ventilation and excessive nitrogen fertilizer. In these cases, anthrax will occur in Aralis Ming.
  • Symptoms: the occurrence of anthrax in Aralia Ming will cause water stained yellow spots on the leaves, gray white and moire in the middle of the leaves, and turn into small black spots in the later stage, causing the plant to dry up.
  • Control method: in the early stage of the disease, we can spray 80% anthrax Fumi wettable powder or 50% carbendazim wettable powder on the leaf surface, once every 10 days, three or four times continuously. When fertilizing during normal maintenance, we should pay attention to the balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and place it in a place with sufficient light and good ventilation.

Aralia Ming's scale insect

The scale insect disease of Aralia Ming is caused by poor ventilation, poor light, high temperature and high humidity. Under these circumstances, the plant is most prone to scale insect disease.
  • Symptoms: scale insects will devour Aralia Ming leaves and cause poor plant growth.
  • Control method: we can spray Aralia Ming plants with 1500 times of 25% CHLORPROMAZIN wettable powder, 2000 times of 40% quick killing solution or 1000 times of 40% Omethoate EC during larval incubation to directly kill the scale insects.

Aralia Ming Propagation

Aralia Ming Propagation from Cutting

For Aralia Ming propagation from cutting, we can cut 1-2-year-old branches for cutting. The soil selection is not strict and the drainage needs to be good. It can be carried out in spring and autumn, but the effect of spring planting is better. 10 ~ 15cm leaves can be cut from March to April, only 2 ~ 3 leaves at the end can be reserved, and the lower incision is preferably located 0 below the node. At 2 cm, soak it with 500 ppm indole butyric acid or No. 1 ABT Rooting solution for 10 seconds, and then insert it into the sand bed or vermiculite. For a small amount of cutting, the cutting bed can be made by filling vermiculite in a wide mouth flowerpot. After watering, it can be covered with plastic film to moisturize, maintain the rooting temperature of 25 ~ 30 ℃, shade 40 ~ 50%, and take root in 20 ~ 30 days. We need to wait for Aralia ming to sprout new buds before transplanting into the pot.
When selecting the stem of Aralia Ming, we can conduct circular peeling at the place 20 ~ 25cm away from the top of the stem. The peeling width is about 2 ~ 3 times the diameter of the stem. Wrap the circular peeling place with peat soil or mud bitter medicine, pinch it into a soil mass, wrap it tightly with plastic film, and reserve a water connection at the upper end. If the stem of Aralia Ming is too thin to support the soil mass, insert a bamboo rod as a support, bind the soil mass against the bamboo rod, keep the soil mass wet all the time, and take root after 2 months. We can also go to the flower market to buy lignified stems specially for cutting for Aralia Ming cutting, which is also easy to survive.

Aralia Ming Propagation from Layering

Aralia Ming propagation from layering is usually carried out in May and June. We can select the strong branches of Aralia Ming for circular peeling. The peeling position is about 20-25cm away from the top. After peeling, wrap the peeling place with mud bitter medicine or peat soil, pinch it into a soil mass, wrap it tightly with plastic film, and leave a water connection at the top. If the stem is too thin to support the soil mass, the soil mass can be tied to the bamboo pole to support the Aralia Ming Branch.

Aralia Ming Benefits

Fengshui effect of Aralia Ming

When opening a shop or moving to a new house, Aralia Ming is often given to friends as a congratulatory gift, because Aralia Ming is regarded as a Feng Shui tree that can bring happiness and geomancy. Aralia Ming has the meaning of symbolizing harmony and happiness.

Decorative role of Aralia Ming

Aralia Ming has a simple and generous appearance, a variety of leaves, beautiful posture and fashionable and elegant plant type. It is a popular foliage plant in recent years. Many people use Aralia ming to decorate their home. They can put it in the living room, study or balcony, which will bring a fresh and natural charm to your house. It is a good product for home decoration.

Purification of Aralia Ming

As we all know, when decorating new houses, we are most afraid of formaldehyde. Some modern decoration materials mostly use resin solvent materials, which will produce formaldehyde and other air pollutants. Studies have proved that Aralia Ming has the strongest resistance to formaldehyde, so we can put a pot of Paulownia in our new house. Aralia Ming can not only absorb formaldehyde, but also purify the dirty air and improve the humidity of the room.