6 flowers growing hydroponically in summer

Written by Maggie

Jan 18 2021

6 flowers growing hydroponically in summer

In summer, the temperature is too high, so the survival rate of hydroponic plants is very low. Usually, in summer, there can be flowers such as green rosewood, Chlorophytum, and rich bamboo, which have strong vitality and can easily take root in summer hydroponic containers. In fact, there are also flowers such as Devil's ivy, Spider plant, and Lucky bamboo, all of which are suitable for hydroponic culture in summer. The following are 6 flowers growing hydroponically in summer.

6 flowers growing hydroponically in summer.

1. Growing devil's ivy hydroponically in summer

High temperature in summer is easy to burn the plant, and the vitality of the green plant is very strong, usually in the summer, in a cool and ventilated environment, pick the green plant branches and leaves inserted into the water, spray water around it every day, and change the water once a week, waiting for the roots in the water.

2. Growing spider plant hydroponically in summer

Usually, water culture flowers are easy to die in summer, but the spider plant has a strong ability to adapt to the environment. It can also be hydroponic culture in summer, but it needs to avoid sunlight, and it can be hydroponic indoors to improve the air quality and make the air more fresh.

3. Growing Lucky bamboo hydroponically in summer

There are a lot of water culture flowers in summer, so what kind of flowers can hydroponics in summer? In fact, Lucky bamboo is one of them. Its high temperature resistance is relatively strong.

6 flowers growing hydroponically in summer.

4. Growing cape jasmine hydroponically in summer

Cape jasmine  is a common flower at ordinary times, usually its flowers can emit a charming fragrance, its branches can also be hydroponic cultivation in summer. Although cape jasmine  like the sun, but summer hydroponic can not be in direct sunlight, in the half shade and half light conservation is good.

5. Growing Florist Kalanchoe hydroponically in summer

If the Florist Kalanchoe is hydroponic in summer, although the survival rate is not high, but if it is placed in a cool and ventilated place hydroponic, and watering to reduce the growth temperature, increase the humidity of the air, then the Florist Kalanchoe branches in the summer hydroponic process for about half a month, you can grow new roots.

6. Growing Bush lily hydroponically in summer

The leaves of bush lily are fleshy. If it is placed in hydroponic culture in summer, it is necessary not only to avoid sunlight, but also to provide a large amount of water to it. Otherwise, under the strong summer sunshine, the water in the hydroponic branches and leaves is easy to evaporate, making it wither and die, so we must be careful in summer hydroponic culture.

6 flowers growing hydroponically in summer.