When Does A Tea Olive Tree Bloom?

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

When Does A Tea Olive Tree Bloom?
Tea olive is a common flower plant in our life. Its aroma is very strong. There are many flower friends breeding tea olive. So when does tea olive blossom? Tea olive blooms every autumn. The specific flowering time of the plant is affected by the variety and climate. Let's explain the flowering time of tea olive in detail.

Flowering Period of Tea Olive Tree

When does tea olive tree blossom? Usually, the flowering period of tea olive tree is from September to October every year. The specific flowering time of different varieties is differentially expressed. Most tea olive flowers in September of each year, while some tea olive flowers in October of each year, and can bloom all year round, but its flowering amount is less than that of other varieties. Sometimes tea olive trees may drop leaves, which is caused by improper watering.
When Does A Tea Olive Tree Bloom

Tea Olive Flowering Maintenance skills

  • Sufficient Light
During the flowering period of planting tea olive, the demand for light is very high. During this period, it is necessary to ensure sufficient light, place the plants in a place with good daylighting for maintenance, and ensure that the time of receiving light every day is about 8 hours. In case of continuous cloudy and rainy days, fluorescent lamps need to be used to supplement the light for the plants, so as to effectively prolong the flowering period of tea olive.
  • Sufficient Nutrients
Tea olive will consume a lot of nutrients during flowering. During this period, topdressing needs to be carried out in time to ensure sufficient nutrients. Under normal circumstances, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer need to be applied once before flowering, thin liquid fertilizer should be applied once every 20 days during flowering, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied once after flowering, so as to achieve the effect of promoting and protecting flowers.
  • Moisture Sufficiency
Tea olive cannot grow without sufficient water. The water consumption during flowering is very large. In order to ensure plant growth, water it in time. Tea olive needs to master the principle of seeing dry and seeing wet. Water according to the dry humidity of the soil, and ensure that the soil is in a wet state during its flowering period. Remember not to accumulate water.
  • Post Flower Pruning

After the flowering period of tea olive, the residual flowers need to be trimmed in time. The purpose of this is to reduce nutrient loss and promote plant growth. In the process of pruning Tea Olive Tree, disinfection treatment should be done to avoid infection of the cut and affecting the growth of the plant.

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