How To Prune Tea Olive Tree?

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

How To Prune Tea Olive Tree?
Tea olive tree will grow small white flowers when it blooms. The flowers are fragrant and very popular. Many people like to raise tea olive trees, but pruning is essential when raising tea olive trees, but there are many places to pay attention to when and how to prune tea olive trees. If tea olive trees are not pruned at the right time, they will not grow well. So, when is the right time to trim tea olive tree and how to trim it to make tea olive tree green?

When Should We Trim Tea Olive Tree?

The best time for tea olive tree to be trimmed for the first time is when it is still in the seedling stage. At this time, the upright branches of tea olive tree can be used as the trunk, and some side branches can be left to trim it into a better shape, but don't trim it too much. After tea olive tree grows, it is mainly trimmed three times a year. The first time is between March and April in spring, when new buds begin to germinate and grow. The second time is between October and November, when the flowers wither more and must be trimmed after flowering. The third time is after entering the dormancy period, about from January to February, the growth of tea olive tree will be more vigorous after reasonable pruning.

Tea Olive Seedling Pruning

At the young tree stage of tea olive tree, the tea olive tree shall be trimmed again, and the side branches next to the trunk shall be trimmed to ensure the top advantage of tea olive tree and the growth of trunk. If you think the height is OK at this time, you can also cut off the top of trunk, so as to ensure that tea olive tree remains at a certain height. Secondly, properly trim the side branches and branches around tea olive tree, leave the strong branches and properly trim the too dense branches.
How To Prune Tea Olive Tree

Tea Olive Tree Flowering Pruning

When the tea olive tree enters the initial flowering period, it needs to be trimmed again. At this time, the pruning needs to be a little larger. At this time, the tea olive tree needs to be trimmed. On the one hand, the over dense branches of the tea olive tree are trimmed, and the longer branches are trimmed; On the other hand, prune the branches that are forked or look weak; Meanwhile, dead branches or diseased branches of tea olive tree should be cut off in time to reduce the waste of nutrients and make tea olive tree grow better and more conducive to viewing.

Tea Olive Tree Spring Pruning

After the temperature stabilizes in spring, tea olive tree begins to sprout new branches and buds, which need to be pruned in time. First cut off the dry branches and leaves above, and then cut off the new buds together from 3-5cm at the top of the branches, which can promote the concentration of nutrients, so that more new branches can germinate, and the plant shape will be fuller and more dense.

Tea Olive Tree Winter Pruning

Tea olive tree likes a warm environment. The temperature is low after winter, and its growth speed is relatively slow or even stopped. At this time, pruning can reduce its damage, so it's best to re cut. First cut off all the branches with poor growth, then cut the bare branches short, and finally properly cut the dense branches to ensure better internal ventilation and light transmittance, so as to promote better germination in spring.

Tea Olive Tree Pruning Precautions

Sharp knives must be used to trim tea olive tree, and disinfection shall be carried out in advance before use to avoid wound infection. Also make sure the cut is smooth so that the wound can heal faster. Pruning should be carried out on a sunny day to prevent the wound from getting wet and rotting.

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