How Fast Does A Tea Olive Tree Grow?

Written by Ivy

Nov 19 2022

How Fast Does A Tea Olive Tree Grow?
Tea Olive Tree Grows at a medium rate,and it grows about 13–24" per year. If tea olive tree is cuttage, it can grow to about 20cm in half a year and 50-70cm in a year. The specific growth rate of tea olive tree is related to varieties, and some varieties will grow faster.
Tea olive tree grafted seedlings grow slowly in the current year or the next year, and then grow faster. In the current year, they generally grow about 20-30cm, and the best can reach 60-70cm. Therefore, tea olive tree can grow an average of 20-40 cm a year.
In terms of stem diameter, tea olive tree can only grow one centimeter thick from the first year to the third year, which is about the thickness of chopsticks, that is, the diameter of the rod is only 1 cm. It takes at least five to six years to grow from bud to 3 cm in diameter.
How Fast Does A Tea Olive Tree Grow
Tea olive tree is suitable for vast areas with subtropical climate. Tea olive tree likes warmth and moisture. The average temperature in the planting area is 14 ~ 28 ℃, the average temperature in July is 24 ~ 28 ℃, the average temperature in January is above 0 ℃, the lowest temperature of tolerance is - 13 ℃, and the optimum growth temperature is 15 ~ 28 ℃. Humidity is very important for the growth and development of tea olive tree. The annual average humidity is required to be 75% ~ 85% and the annual precipitation is about 1000mm. In particular, tea olive tree needs more water when it is young and adult. In case of drought, it will affect its flowering. Strong sunshine and shade are unfavorable to its growth. Generally, it is required to shine for 6 ~ 8 hours a day.

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