Propagation methods of Peruvian lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

Propagation methods of Peruvian lily

Peruvian lily common propagation methods mainly include sowing, division, transformation, and cutting method. Now let's see the details of propagating Peruvian lily.

Peruvian lily

Sowing propagation of Peruvian lily

Sowing propagation of Peruvian lily can be carried out in spring and autumn, with 50 ~ 60 seeds per gram, and the suitable temperature for germination is 16 ~ 18℃. The germination rate was 80% ~ 85% in 14 ~ 28 days after sowing. Transplant when the seedlings are four to five centimeters tall.  

Sown soil can be used peat to sand 1:1 (volume ratio), after high-temperature disinfection, installed in the seeding pot. The seeds were sown from mid-October to late November. After a natural low temperature of 0-5 ℃ for one month, the seeds started to germinate gradually. Then move to 15℃-20℃ condition, about 2 weeks, seed germination rate can reach more than 80%. After germination, the temperature of seeds is maintained at 10℃-20℃, and the seeds grow rapidly. When the seedlings grow to 4 cm -5 cm high, should be planted at the time. The root system should not be damaged during transplantation, and the transplantation time should be from February to March in early spring.

2. Division propagation of Peruvian lily

When the above-ground stems and leaves of the adult plants are wilted and enter a dormant state, the underground tubers should be carefully dugout, and the tubers should be hurt as little as possible. After cutting, the tubers should be potted, and 2 ~ 3 buds should be reserved on each tuber. They bloom in summer and autumn.

The Peruvian lily has recumbent rhizomes, on which fleshy roots store water and nutrients. Many crypto bugs grow on recumbent rhizomes. When external conditions are suitable, recumbent rhizomes extend in the soil, and some crypto bugs germinate until they grow into flower branches. Division propagation of Peruvian lily is to use the ungerminated crypto bugs on the rhizome. When the rhizome is segmented, the crypto bugs can be stimulated to germinate into new plants. The time of seedling propagation was October. Plant before planting, to make the soil loose, dry, not wet. When dividing the plants, first cut off the upper part of the plants 30 cm from the ground, then dig up the plants (try to avoid hurting the root system), gently shake the surrounding soil, the roots can be clearly planted in the prepared bed. The row spacing of plants for cut flower cultivation is generally 40 cm ×50 cm.

Peruvian Lily

3. Tissue culture propagation of Peruvian Lily

Tissue culture is one of the propagation methods of Peruvian Lily. The terminal buds are mainly used as explants. After being disinfected with an appropriate amount of potassium permanganate solution, they are placed on the medium with an appropriate amount of naphthalene acetic acid and benzyl amino adenine.

4. Cutting propagation of Peruvian Lily

Peruvian lily cutting adopts mainly sticks inserted, select perennial first half lignification strong branches as cuttings, cut it into several branches, each branch reserves has 5 ~ 8 cm. Even with an axillary bud, the base directly inserted into the soil after disinfection poured into the water after moisturizing. About 25 days later, it germinates a thief.

Peruvian Lily