Propagation methods of Shell Ginger

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

Propagation methods of  Shell Ginger

Shell Ginger (Alpinia zerumbet) has wide leaves and gorgeous colors. It is an excellent foliage viewing plant. Setting off in the wax stone, it gives people a sense of vitality. So do you know the propagation methods of Shell Ginger? Shell Ginger has two propagation methods: stem division and tissue culture.

Shell Ginger

Stem division propagation of Shell Ginger

Shell Ginger has a strong tiller ability and fast growth rate, and it is easier to cultivate seed plants by separation. Stem division propagation is generally carried out in late spring and early summer combined with repot. To do this, remove the large clump of Shell Ginger from the pot and divide it into 3-5 small clumps with 1 or 2 new shoots. After dividing the bushes, plant them in a pot with underground stems and roots.

When planting in the ground, you can also divide Shell ginger into clumps and plant them in containers for about 2 months before Shell ginger grows new roots. In order to improve the survival rate of the plant, some leaves at the lower part of the stem can be cut off when dividing the plant to reduce transpiration. In addition, the new plant in the pot of dividing the plant should be placed in a shaded place for management and watered adequately.

Tissue culture propagation of Shell Ginger

The rate of Shell Ginger's stem division propagation is relatively fast, but tissue culture propagation of Shell Ginger is maliciously used when a large number of seedlings are needed. Shell Ginger's explanations generally use the newly sprouted buds in the ground, but it is difficult to remove stains. During operation, the underground stem of the mother plant can be washed first, soaked in 50% carbendazim solution 1000 times for 1 day, and then put into a black plastic bag at a temperature of about 25℃ to promote bud. When the bud grows to about 2cm, the growing point inside can be peeled off as explained. The medium for primary culture was MS+3 mg/L 6-BA+0.2 mg/L IBA. The subculture medium was MS+ 2mg/L 6-BA+ 0.2mg/L IBA; The medium for rooting induction was MS+0.5 mg/l IBA.

Shell Ginger