How To Trim Dwarf Alberta Spruce

Written by Ivy

Dec 13 2021

How To Trim Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Dwarf Alberta spruce grows slowly and generally does not need pruning. However, if we find that dwarf Alberta spruce in the courtyard has symptoms such as diseased leaves and turning brown, we can prevent and control it by pruning dwarf Alberta spruce in time. Dwarf Alberta spruce pruning is generally carried out in Winter or Spring.

When To Trim Dwarf Alberta Spruce

How To Trim Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Dwarf Alberta spruce pruning should be carried out in winter. Due to the slow growth of dwarf Alberta spruce in winter, it can prevent twigs from breaking or excessive loss of pine resin during shaping and bending. The modeling of dwarf Alberta spruce young trees is processed year by year in the order of thick first and then fine. First bind the trunk to form the basic skeleton, and then model the main and side branches year by year to achieve a vigorous and beautiful posture.

How To Trim Shaped Dwarf Alberta Spruce

In order to maintain the inherent modeling posture of the formed dwarf Alberta spruce, it is necessary to pick buds and prune every year to control the growth of branches and leaves and achieve the state of moderate density, vigorous and green of branches and leaves.
Dwarf Alberta spruce apical bud removal is generally carried out in April and may, and it is best when the bud is 2 cm to 3 cm out. The bud is too short, which is not only inconvenient to operate, but also easy to bruise the bud base; Buds are too long and often begin to form lignification, which is not easy to operate. The method of pruning and removing the top bud of dwarf Alberta spruce is generally to hold the pine bud with your thumb and index finger, and the pine bud will be broken as soon as you pick and twist it with force. If the dwarf Alberta spruce bud has been lignified, cut it with small scissors.
How To Trim Dwarf Alberta Spruce

How To Trim Dwarf Alberta Spruce Phyllophore

If there are several phyllophores on a dwarf Alberta spruce branch, we should pick the longest phyllophore in the middle first and the surrounding buds later. In short, when removing the top phyllophore of dwarf Alberta spruce, we should carefully observe the growth trend of the tender bud and the tree posture of the plant, and decide according to its modeling requirements and the specific conditions of the bud. At the same time, when picking buds, pay attention not to damage the pine buds at the base and around dwarf Alberta spruce buds.
The pruning of dwarf Alberta spruce can be carried out from late November to late February of the next year. Since dwarf Alberta spruce only shoots apical buds, not adventitious buds, it is not suitable for strong repair. If we prune dwarf Alberta spruce too heavily, the wound is easy to flow out of pine resin, and more resin will affect the growth and development of spruce. The pruning period of dwarf Alberta spruce should be from the early winter to the early Spruce of the next year before the sap begins to flow. The wound after we trim dwarf Alberta spruce is best sealed with wax, sticky wood and adhesive tape to avoid the outflow of rosin.
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