How to Propagate Watermelon Peperomia?

Written by Maggie

Jan 04 2022

How to Propagate Watermelon Peperomia?

Regarding the propagation methods of Watermelon peperomia, it has two propagation methods: sowing and cutting propagation methods. The following are 2 propagation methods of Watermelon peperomia.

propagation methods of Watermelon peperomia

Watermelon Peperomia Propagation From Cutting Leaves

1. Cutting Propagation Time

Cutting propagation of Watermelon peperomia, optional leaves or branches as cuttings, but according to the experience of planting people, choosing leaves is obviously better. As for cutting propagation time, because Watermelon peperomia like warm environments, so the best choice of cutting propagation is from spring to autumn, when cutting propagation survival rate is higher.

2. Cuttings Selection for Propagation

In the Watermelon peperomia cutting propagation, the selection of cuttings is crucial. In the Watermelon peperomia potted, choose strong and substantial leaves, with 2-3 cm inside the petiole all off, dry for 2 to 3 hours after the wound is slightly dry and can be cut. Propagating Watermelon Peperomia with leaf cuttings is extremely simple. First, you need to prepare appropriate leaves. When selecting leaves, we must pay attention to check whether the leaves are damaged and whether there are spots on the leaf surface. Be sure to choose healthy and full leaves. Don't choose too old leaves at the bottom of the plant or too tender leaves at the top of the plant, that is, choose some young and strong leaves. The leaves should be treated in time after cutting. It is best to prepare some rooting powder in advance. Before leaf cutting, apply a little rooting powder on the incision at the bottom, so as to improve the rooting probability of leaf-cutting.

How to Propagate Watermelon Peperomia

3. Watermelon Peperomia Leaf Prune

Cuttage matrix for propagation select the washed river sand with 20% ~ 30% vermiculite, and then the Watermelon peperomia planted in the sand bed or pot oblique, petiole and seedling bed Angle is 35-45 degrees.
We can cut the leaves of Watermelon Peperomia together with the red petiole, and cut the leaves in two parallel along the leaf veins on the leaf surface. We can use blades or scissors. We must ensure that the scissors are sharp and disinfected in advance. We must ensure that there are no fine bacteria on the leaves. Once there is time, the leaves will be infected with fungi and rot. There are many ways to disinfect. Generally, it is to smear alcohol on the scissors.

4. Pots and Soil

Some loose and breathable soil is usually used for leaf cutting propagation of Watermelon Peperomia. I use perlite with vermiculite in the ratio of 3:7. You can also choose pure vermiculite or rotten leaf soil with coarse sand for cutting.
For leaf cutting propagation of Watermelon Peperomia, a relatively small flowerpot should be selected. The size of the flowerpot is generally about 7 ~ 9 cm. It is best to choose a red pottery basin. The red pottery basin has good air permeability and drainage, which is conducive to leaf cutting and rooting.

5. Blade Insert Maintenance Skills

Before cutting, the soil can be watered and wetted first. After the soil is completely wetted, the cut leaves can be cut in the basin soil and planted stably. The leaf petiole of Watermelon Peperomia can be cut off, and the leaf can be cut into two halves. Half of each leaf can be inserted into the soil. In the later stage, pay attention to maintaining the soil moist.
Before inserting the leaves of Watermelon Peperomia into the soil, we usually use scissors to cut a crack in the soil, and then bury the leaves in the soil, about two centimeters. Pay attention to the side of the incision facing down, and then cover the leaves gently with the soil to fix the leaves in place.
Then we need to place the small potted plants planted with leaves in a ventilated and transparent place to ensure that there is no direct sunlight, but we need to give soft scattered light for about 1 ~ 2 hours every day to maintain humidity and warm environment. The temperature is about 20 ~ 25 degrees. In addition, we should pay attention to maintaining air humidity of more than 65% to avoid air drying.

6. Post-cutting Propagation Care

After the cutting propagation, keep the matrix moist, and then put the slotting machine under half shade. Generally in a warm environment, adventitious roots and adventitious buds can be born in 4-5 weeks, and seedlings can be grown in about 2 months. When the seedlings grow to 4-5 cm, transplant on the pot, and then in accordance with the Watermelon peperomia propagation method to maintain, soon you can get a new pot.

propagation methods of Watermelon peperomia

Later maintenance is that we should pay attention to regular watering, which is extremely critical. The soil can not be completely dry. The soil must be often wet during leaf propagation. You can put a transparent plastic cover in the flower pot of leaf propagation, or support the plastic film with a stick to achieve the effect of heat preservation and moisture retention.
When replenishing water to the small seedling basin in the later stage, do not pour it directly into the soil, but enter the basin from the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin to slowly absorb the water into the soil. This replenishment of water is to avoid washing away the leaves.
When propagating watermelon peperomia with leaf cuttings, you must be patient. Generally, it takes 30 ~ 45 days. These leaf cuttings can grow slowly. When it grows some white buds, you can see the light slowly. When the seedlings grow slowly, you must be careful and maintain them slowly and patiently. Generally, it takes more than three months for these leaf cuttings to grow slowly.
When Watermelon Peperomia seedlings are in maintenance, they should pay attention to maintaining high air humidity and regular spray water. After a month, if you gently pull the leaves, the leaves are still very stable and take root in the soil, it proves that they have taken root.

Watermelon Peperomia Sowing Propagation

Sowing propagation time: In addition to planting leaves, sowing propagation method can also be used for the propagation of Watermelon peperomia. The propagation time can be in spring and autumn, combined with the time to turn the basin for soil.

Sowing propagation method: ripe peperomia in the growth process, the base will issue a new bud, you can turn the pot for soil when the plant will be removed, and then clean the soil, and then cut off the new bud with a disinfected blade, and then planted respectively. Be careful, however, to protect the root system of the mother plant and the new bud.

propagation methods of Watermelon peperomia

Watermelon Peperomia Care after Propagation

1. The soil care

Watermelon peperomia needs to be planted in loose, fertile, well-drained soil and does not grow well in clay. The basin soil should be used after mixing leaf rot soil with coarse sand or cinder ash. Also available peat soil + perlite cultivation.

2. Water care

During the growing season, the soil in the pot should be kept moist, but there should be no water in the pot. Otherwise, the roots and leaves will rot easily, and even the whole plant will die. In summer and dry season, water should be sprayed on the leaf surface 2-3 times a day to improve the air humidity and promote the formation of leaf markings. Fear of both drought and waterlogging, drought will wilt, yellow, and even death; Waterlogging may cause root rot. To keep the basin soil slightly wet, can also be in the basin soil surface dry water, if the temperature is slightly lower in winter, you should control watering, let the basin soil dry and wet alternately.

3. Humidity care

Watermelon peperomia needs higher air humidity, not dry, in addition to the normal watering, but also often to the plant water, such as the best conditions in the growth environment of water humidification, the effect is good.Leaves grow abnormally in dry conditions.

4. Light care

Because Watermelon peperomia is more resistant to shade, so usually should be placed in the room bright scattered light, avoid direct light. Spring and autumn two seasons should be moved to outdoor ventilation and a little sunshine conservation. Watermelon peperomia likes half shade or scattered light, only in winter can be full sun maintenance, summer must shade 50%, otherwise easy to burn the blade.But it is too shaded, the leaves are dull, grayish green, and the markings are not obvious.

How to Propagate Watermelon Peperomia

5. The temperature care

Watermelon peperomia can neither stand cold nor heat, and the optimum temperature for growth is 20~30℃. When the temperature exceeds 30℃ and below 15℃, the growth slows down. The lowest temperature in winter can not be lower than 10℃, otherwise it is vulnerable to freezing. There are even physiological diseases.

6. Fertilizer care

Watermelon peperomia usually needs to apply 1 times a month thin cake fertilizer water or compound fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer can not be too much, such as lack of phosphate fertilizer, easy to cause the disappearance of leaf markings, reduce the ornamental effect. To be applied with balanced fertilizer, not only nitrogen fertilizer, otherwise it will cause "watermelon" stripes are not obvious, the ornamental value is greatly reduced.Better use thin liquid fertilizer irrigation basin soil, too thick fertilizer easy to cause plant necrosis.
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