How to Propagate Rosemary

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to Propagate Rosemary
Rosemary symbolizes long lasting love, faithful friendship and eternal remembrance. So, what are the propagation methods of Rosemary. Let's look together.
Rosemary sowing propagation methodRosemary layering propagation methodRosemary cutting propagation method
propagation methods of Rosemary

Rosemary Propagation from Seed

Seedlings are raised in a greenhouse in early spring. There are two methods of raising seedlings with soil method and raising seedlings with acupoint dish.  Seedbed needs to be sorted out first for indigenous seedling propagation rosemary. Seedbeds can be arranged into flat beds or small high beds, the bed soil rake flat broken. Pour foot water, apply enough fermentation base fertilizer. Seeds for propagation can be scattered and can also drill, sow seeds as far as possible rare, or seed and fine dry soil mix evenly, sow on the seedbed, pour water, make soil and seed full contact. The suitable temperature for seed germination is 15-20 degrees Celsius. It will sprout in about 2-3 weeks. When the seedlings are about 10 centimeters long, they can be planted, which improves survival.   2. For sowing propagation of rosemary, peat and vermiculite should be mixed in a ratio of 3:1, and then seeds can be sown. Cover with a thin layer of vermiculite and water thoroughly. Take a small arch shed, water frequently pouring. After the emergence of rosemary, it is necessary to move the hole plate frequently, so as to avoid the root of rosemary along the hole at the bottom of the hole plate and dive into the ground. But if you put the hole tray on the rack, it is not necessary. Rosemary bud rate is very low, generally only 10%-20%, in the first year of Rosemary planting, the growth rate is very slow, even in the autumn, the plant is not large, so the formation of a large number of yield will be 2-3 years later.

Rosemary Propagation from Layering

When we carry out layering propagation of rosemary, first, the branches of Rosemary plant near the ground are bent and covered with soil, exposing the top of the plant to the air. When new roots have grown, they can be cut from the mother's body to form new individuals, which can be planted in the open air.

Rosemary Propagation from Cuttings

When we carry out cutting propagation of rosemary, first, choose healthy cuttings to propagate. Most of them take place from winter to early spring. Cut off the branches about 10 to 15 centimeters from the top of the rosemary, then remove about a third of the leaves from the bottom of the branches. Then the branch is directly inserted in the wet medium. The lowest night temperature of cuttings is 12 degrees celsius. About 3-4 weeks later, it will be rooted, 7 weeks later can be planted to the open ground. (Find more fall flowers here.)

propagation methods of Rosemary

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