How to propagate mint

Written by Maggie

Sep 18 2021

How to propagate mint

How to propagate mint? Mint has five propagation methods, and we can choose in the winter to summer for seed propagation, or choose simple plant propagation and cutting propagation. You can also choose in late April or late August rootstock propagation, and can also choose to propagate a hydroponic, which can make the mint propagation success thrive.

propagation method of mint

1. Mint Sowing Propagation

Sowing is one of Mint's methods of propagation, and it works well between winter and early summer. Prepare Mint seeds and loose, breathable, moist soil, or an equal mix of humus and perlite to make the desired soil.

Spread the seeds evenly into the soil, sprinkle a thin layer of soil on top, and cover with plastic wrap or cling film. It is necessary to pay attention to control the temperature at about 21 ~ 25℃ to prevent the seeds from germinating successfully due to the temperature discomfort. The seeds will take root and germinate after waiting for about half a month.

2. Mint Division Propagation

When Mint seedlings grow to a height of about 15cm, it can be selected to carry out mint division propagation to make it grow more exuberantly. Overturn the Mint plant's branches to the ground, bringing the stem into contact with the soil, and then secure it. After normal watering and fertilization, new roots will grow on the Mint stem in about 1 to 2 weeks. Cut off the branches that have developed roots and transplant them.

3. Mint Cutting Propagation

Selection of branches: Cut the branches of 8-15cm on the mature Mint and keep 4-5 leaves for cutting propagation of mint. Be careful not to choose too tender branches and leave too many leaves on the branches, otherwise nutrients will be wasted.

Hydroponics rooting: if it is a branch without roots, it can be placed in a cup for a period of time, and then taken out after taking roots, which can improve the survival rate.

Transplant the basin: choose pure vermiculite or perlite and other well-drained sandy soil as the soil, and plant the rooted seedlings into the soil to keep the soil moist.

4. Mint Rhizome Propagation

Root propagation is also a method to propagate Mint, and is usually done in late April or late August. Select the healthy Mint plant as the mother plant, wait until the beginning of winter to remove the stems and leaves above, and then leave the roots in the soil. Divide the rhizome into many small segments according to a certain length, each segment had better have more than 3 small buds, and then plant.

5. Mint Hydroponic Propagation

Hydroponics is also an option for Mint propagation. Healthy and healthy branches should be selected from the mother plant of Mint first, and then cut to a length of 10-15cm. In the branch wound daub polymycetes disinfection, and then wound healing cuttings into the water bottle, water level is 2/3 of the bottle, pay attention to change water every day, 10 ~ 20 days or so will grow new roots, and then planted into the soil is good.

propagation method of mint