How to Propagate Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans)

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2021

How to Propagate Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans)

Corn plant is a foliage plant. What are the corn plant propagation methods? Normally corn plant has 2 propagation methods: cutting and layering propagation. Let's look together.

Corn Plant Propagation by Layering

Conditions for layering propagation of corn plant

Most of the stems of Corn plants grow upright, with few branches. After several years of plant growth, the base leaves fall off and naturally lose their ornamental value.

According to this kind of situation, the person that planting raises can be in the summer high temperature humid season, carrying on layering propagation of corn plant.

Layering propagation process of corn plant

When we apply layering propagation of corn plant, at proper positions of the plant stem, carries on the annular cutting, ring opening 1.8 2.2 cm wide, deep into the xylem, and use a knife to remove ring mouth cortex, with a clean wet cloth to wipe the spillover of incision of liquid branches with 5000-1000 PPM of naphthalene acetic acid aqueous solution onto the upper layer, incision with white plastic film into the bottom of incision, straighten out into a funnel, with moss and mountain soil preparation of raw mix rhizome, ring package edge, pouring a permeable, tighten the river upper membrane, and then put the plant on the outdoor raises, strengthen the water management.

After the Corn plant is under high pressure, check whether the substrate is dry at any time and replenish moisture at any time. Generally, after 30 to 40 days of cultivation, new roots will appear in the annulus. In autumn, the plant can be cut away from the mother and cultivated as an independent growing plant.

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Corn plant is one of the best trees for pots

Corn Plant Propagation from Cuttings

Best time for Corn plant cutting propagation

Corn plants can also be cutting propagated asexually by cutting in spring. At this time is the vigorous growth period of Corn plant, the plant is rich in nutrition, cutting after easy to survive.

Selection of cuttings for corn plant cutting propagation

Before corn plant cutting propagation, we can choose ornamental value higher mother plant, take its growth of more than two years of robust branches, each length about 10-20 cm, leaves without leaves can be.

Specific corn plant cutting propagation process

When we carry out corn plant cutting propagation, cut the base of the cuttage into a flat mouth, the upper transverse cut leaves retained, the upper and lower cuts can be soaked with water to wash the excess liquid, placed in a cool and ventilated place for a little time, and then soaked with 500-1000ppm naphthalene acetic acid at the base of the cuttage 2-3 cm, generally 5 seconds, with immersion inserted.

When we carry out cutting propagation of corn plant, the seedbed can be used in a small earthenware flower pot, the substrate can be used in vermiculite, perlite or after high temperature disinfection of plain sand soil, cutting after the pot. Each pot of a plant, inserted after pouring a permeable, put the seedbed in the light of the flower, careful maintenance.

Post-cutting maintenance

After corn plant cutting propagation, the main is to keep the matrix moist. Corn plant wounds heal quickly, take root early, and sprout quickly, generally 15 to 20 days. Under the action of trauma hormone, the wound will produce callus. Within 25 to 35 days, the cuttings, under the action of endogenous hormones, will soon have the original body of the root, 35 to 40 days to germinate the new root, two months later, can be used for culture soil pot transplanting.

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Corn Plant - one of the best indoor trees