How to Propagate Areca Palm

Written by Maggie

Dec 15 2021

How to Propagate Areca Palm

Areca palm is a very ornamental plant, so many people want to try to propagate it after raising it for a period of time. So how to propagate Areca palm in general? Today we will introduce to you two common methods of propagation of Areca palm.

Areca Palm Propagation from Division

1. Best Time to Propagate Areca Palm

If the climate of your area is between 15-25 degrees all the year round, planting Areca Palm can be done all the year round. However, the climate conditions in most places cannot meet this requirement, so the most appropriate time for planting Areca Palm is usually in spring, and planting can be done at the same time as changing the pot.

methods of propagation of Areca palm
Areca palm is one of the best trees for pots

2. Steps of Areca Palm Division Propagation

The first step of Areca palm division propagation is to select the plants and remove the pots. Generally, the plants with more tillers at the base can ensure the smooth survival after dividing. The selected Areca Palm plants are taken out from the basin soil, and then divided into several clusters from the basic junction. Each cluster is of the same size. Generally, it is more appropriate to divide them into about three plants.

The second step is disinfection. Disinfect the Areca Palm plants separated from the bushes. You can use sulfur powder or plant ash to disinfect the wound, and then put the plants in a cool place for use. Pay attention to the plants separated from the bushes and do not expose them to the sun.

And the final step: potted plants. The separated plants were potted separately, and properly maintained according to the cultivation methods and precautions of Areca Palm. Since the root system is not fully developed after planting, watering should be reduced by spraying the leaves with water and keeping the soil slightly moist.

Note: Division is the most common propagation method of Areca palm. Since its growth rate is not fast in the seedling stage, it needs 1-2 years to grow into a slightly larger pot plant. Therefore, after division propagation of Areca palm, it must strengthen conservation and try to create a favorable environment for its growth in terms of light, temperature, soil and so on.

Areca Palm Propagation from Seed

1. Seed Selection for Areca Palm Propagation

When we carry out Areca palm sowing propagation, pick the fruit from mature Areca palm, wash the fruit to remove the flesh, and soak the seeds in 35 degrees warm water for two days; If you do not have the condition, you can buy areca palm seeds specially for reproduction from the flower market.

methods of propagation of Areca palm
Areca Palm - one of the best indoor trees

2. Sowing Propagation Process of Areca Palm

When we carry out areca palm propagation from seed, scatter the prepared seeds into the prepared nutrient soil, cover them with 2-3 cm of sandy soil, and observe the moisture and ambient temperature of the soil.

Note: Areca palm sowing propagation is generally suitable for large-scale planting, from seeding to germination needs patient maintenance, if the basin soil is too dry, you can put the basin bottom into the water, so that the water from the drainage hole into the basin, the water level to the basin can be general.

Conclusion: The propagation method of Areca palm mainly includes dividing and sowing. For non-professionals, experts suggest dividing for propagation, because division propagation of the Areca palm method is simple and easy to use and has a higher survival rate after reproduction. Attention must be paid to maintenance in the seedling stage to make the plant grow faster and healthier.

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