Echeveria Takasago No Okina Care Guide

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

Echeveria Takasago No Okina Care Guide

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' stem is stout, Indus leaves densely arranged, rounded, margin big wavy buckling. So how to grow Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina? What do I need to pay attention to when propagating Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina'? Please read along with me with questions!

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina'

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' Propagation:

  • Best propagating time: Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' is performed year round by branch and blade insertion.
  • Best growing soil: Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' combined with air permeability and clean granular river sand.
  • Growth humidity requirement: Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' growth humidity should be maintained and not over-dried.
  • Optimal growth temperature: Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' Preferred temperature: 15-25 ℃
  • Optimal growth lighting: Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' likes sunny environments, and can accept full sun. In summer Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' only accepts full sun leaf color which is gorgeous, plant type will be more firm and beautiful. Too little sunshine leaves light, leaves loosely arranged. When summer is hot, pay attention to ventilation, shade, avoid direct sunlight.

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina'

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' Care

Fertilizer application:

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' can dispense with fertilising during the summer.

Watering points:

The rest of the summer was short or dry, keeping the soil slightly dry, and when the temperature cooled in mid-September, watering resumed. The open-air Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' managed to grow normally during the summer, requiring little apparent dormancy. Take care not to get caught in the rain or it will rot away.

Replacement of basin-soil:

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' is a large plant. It requires transplanting every 1-2 years as growth occurs. The diameter of the plant is 1-2 inches larger than that of the plant to promote growth.

Breeding points:

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' reproduction is performed year round by branch and blade insertion.

Pest control:

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' shows no visible signs of illness or disturbance.

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina'

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