EcheveriaTakasago No Okina profile

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

EcheveriaTakasago No Okina profile

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' is characterized by a large wavy margin and broad blade, varying in colour from blue-violet to orange-red depending on the light. It is an attractive lycopodioides.

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' picture

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina'

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' Morphological Characteristics

Echeveria 'Takasago no okina stem is stout, will gradually with the growth of elongation. Leaves and rosettes are densely arranged, plant diameter up to 30cm. The leaf blade is round, with margin large wavy fold. Leaves are emerald green to reddish brown, light new leaves, dark old leaves. The leaf color is deep red when bright light and temperature difference between day and night or winter low temperature, weak light leaf color light green. The leaf margin often appears pink. The leaves were covered with white powder, the old leaves were smooth after the white powder dropped. In summer, its products can reach 30 cm in length, and its products can bear orange bell-shaped flowers.

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' Growth Behavior

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina likes sunshine. Echeveria' Takasago No Okina 'needs to accept full sun, the leaf color is gorgeous, plant type will be more firm and beautiful; Too little sunshine makes leaves a light, leaves loosely arranged. When summer is hot, pay attention to ventilation, shade, avoid direct sunlight.

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina'

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' cultivation technique

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' is performed year round by branch and blade insertion.

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' application

Echeveria 'Takasago No Okina' has a beautiful, pleasing leaf shape and is a very hot pleasing succulent.

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