How to Grow Echeveria Mebina Succulent

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to Grow Echeveria Mebina Succulent

Echeveria Mebina is suitable for loose, breathable and fertile soil. As a kind of succulent, Echeveria Mebina likes sunlight and humidity, during the growth of the plant, the plant needs to be placed in the appropriate temperature, giving the plant adequate light, water and fertilizer. During the summer, shade and water control and fertilizer control should be carried out. During the winter, cold protection should be done, proper watering should be done and fertilization should be stopped.

Echeveria Mebina

1. Soil for Echeveria Mebina

The roots of Echeveria mebina succulent are suitable for loose, breathable and fertile culture soils, which can be mixed with peat, river sand and cinder, peat and perlite, humic, pastoral and river sand. In the late stage of curing, proper fertilization is needed during the growth of the plant, and fertilizer can be applied once in about 20 days.

2. Temperature for Echeveria Mebina

Echeveria Mebina prefers a warm climate, with the temperature suitable for plant growth between 15 and 25 degrees. In summer, when the temperature is high, the succulent plants will go into dormancy, and the amount of water and fertilization should be controlled properly. Move the Echeveria Mebina to a warm room before winter and keep the temperature above 5 degrees to make sure they survive the winter.

Echeveria Mebina

3. Light for Echeveria Mebina

Echeveria Mebina succulent likes astigmatism. Spring and autumn are the growing seasons of the plants, so the plants should be given sufficient light. However, some succulent plants should not be exposed to the sun for a long time. To avoid burning plants in the hot summer, move them out of the house in the morning or afternoon when the sun is low. In winter light is weak, you can put the plant in the light of sufficient position to supplement the light.

4. Water for Echeveria Mebina

Echeveria Mebina needs plenty of water in the spring and autumn. Keep the soil moist, water the soil after it becomes dry, and water it well. During summer, shade work is needed, and during high temperatures, plants stop growing and do not need too much watering. In winter, the temperature is low and cold, and the plants enter the dormant state, so water control is needed to keep the soil dry.

Echeveria Mebina

Echeveria Mebina Care is easy and is very suitable for the succulent beginners.

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