How to Grow Echeveria Snow Elf

Written by Maggie

Nov 03 2021

How to Grow Echeveria Snow Elf

To grow Echeveria Snow Elf, you can grow it in loose, porous, fertile soil. During the growth period, the temperature can be stabilized between 15 ~ 28 degrees, and during the dormancy period, the temperature should be stabilized above 0 degrees. During the growth period, sufficient light, water and fertilizer should be given to facilitate the growth of stems and leaves of Echeveria Snow Elf.

Echeveria Snow Elf picture

Echeveria Snow Elf

1, Soil for Echeveria Snow Elf

Echeveria snow elf is a hybrid, meaty, waterlogged and prefers well-drained soil. To breed echeveria snow Elf, it is possible to grow it in soft, fertile, breathable and well-drained soil. During the curing period, loose soil for echeveria snow elf should be given regularly, and basin soil should be replaced regularly.

2, Temperature for Echeveria Snow Elf

Echeveria Snow Elf is warm and grows well in a warm, dry and well-ventilated climate. Echeveria Snow Elf is not resistant to high temperature, and the temperature suitable for its growth is between 15 ~ 28 degrees, and the winter temperature is above 0 degrees. During the curing period, note that Echeveria Snow Elf will not grow well if the temperature is above 35 degrees in summer or below 0 degrees in winter.

Echeveria Snow Elf

3, Light for Echeveria Snow Elf

Echeveria Snow Elf likes light and grows in a well-lit environment. During the growth period of spring and autumn, Echeveria Snow Elf can be maintained in a position with sufficient light to make the leaves more colorful. During the summer, the light is too strong. Echeveria Snow Elf is not resistant to strong light, so it needs to be shaded to avoid sunburn.

4, Sewage sludge for Echeveria Snow Elf

Echeveria Snow Elf has good drought resistance and water resistance, and needs reasonable watering and fertilization during growth. During growth, water the soil properly, keep it moist, and give it a thin liquid fertilizer once every 15 to 30 days. During dormancy, after Echeveria Snow Elf stops growing, it needs to control water and stop fertilizer, and keep the soil dry.

Echeveria Snow Elf

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