How to grow celery indoors

Written by Maggie

Nov 02 2021

How to grow celery indoors

Celery likes cold, 15-22 degrees most suitable for growing celery. Because celery is a hypertrophic vegetable, in addition to the base fertilizer, topdressing is also uninterrupted. Celery is a shallow root vegetable. When we grow celery indoors, we should pay attention to choose good ventilation and good drainage soil cultivation. The following are steps to grow celery indoors.

1. Take the seeds

Take a proper amount of celery seeds.

2. Seed on demand

Use the PET bottle cap (about 2 cm in diameter) to press holes in the soil, and sprinkle about 8 celery seeds into each hole on average, with a spacing of 10 cm between each two holes. (Find more Winter Vegetables here.)

grow celery indoors

3. Cover with soil and water

Add in the seeds with a thin layer of soil, about 1 cm, and water until watered through. Keep the soil moist until germination. They start to sprout in about 4-5 days.

4. Fertilize 

After 14 days of topdressing, sprinkle organic fertilizer lightly around the plants to avoid touching the roots and stems so as not to cause fertilizer injury. After fertilizing, cover them with thin soil. After that, topdressing is done once every 7 days.

5. Protect Celery from wind

When celery grows to about 30 cm above, it is recommended to do windproof measures to avoid the plant dumping.  

grow celery indoors

6. Collect Celery

Celery will be almost ready to harvest in about 40 days.


Celery seed to sow can be slower indeed, so general suggestions to buy vegetable seedling to plant will be faster. Celery is very hydrated, so make sure you're hydrated.

grow celery indoors

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