How to grow and care for White Water-Lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow and care for White Water-Lily

White water-lily: Also known as the European White water-lily, is a kind of water lily from Europe. It is a perennial herb having berries, flattened to a hemispherical shape, 2.5 to 3 cm long. The seeds are oval in shape, about 2 to 3 cm long. White water-lily is born in a pond. Flowering period is From June to August, and fruiting period is from August to October.

White water-lily usually opens in September for a very short time. Also, water lilies like strong light, so their flowers close in the evening and open again in the morning.

White water-lily

How to grow White water-lily

1. White water-lily growing method

Pond piece plant and bedroom potted plant, also can combine the needs of the landscape. choose the cylinder basin with beautiful appearance, put in front of construction, sculpture, rockery stone, often can receive unexpected special effects. The miniature varieties of White water-lily can be planted in exquisite small pots to adorn and beautify the home environment.

2. White water-lily growing environment

With sufficient sunshine and a depth of 20-80cm, White water-lily is most suitable to plant in inland rivers or ponds with long-term fertile silt deposition.

3.  White water-lily growing season

White water-lily is suitable for planting in April-August.

4. Growing density

1-20 tropical water lilies /m2, 1-3 hardy water lilies /m2.

5. Growing methods

Grafting. According to different uses, rhizomes, bare roots with leaves and container seedlings can be used for planting.

White water-lily

How to care for White water-lily

White water - lily is usually grown in the pool, but can also be potted. To plant in the pond, pond water should be at the beginning of the spring drained, and then sprayed with basal. New mud should be put in the pond, the injected water. However, too much water injection at a time, with the growth of new leaves, the water needs to slowly add. When the summer flower water depth is 80 cm is enough, and in the winter you need to inject more water in 120 centimeters, so winter is not easy to freeze the root. White water - lily is the green belts along the water's edge, there are flowers and leaves.They decorate fountains, courtyards, etc.. In the hot summer, it can also give people a cool feeling. It also has the effect of purifying sewage, it has been promoted in many places, and is a rare purification plant.

Potted White water - lily needs to select 50 cm inner diameter, depth of 70 cm container. Every year around the middle of March, separate plants, put mud the jar upside down, and then will rot soybean cake meal or bone manure and other organic fertilizers to join the bottom of the pot, the roots should use 35 cm mud filling. Soil should be placed not at the top of the tank or water tank, the depth of the water should maintain at about 50 centimeters. On a hot day, there should be clean water. We need to change over time, otherwise it affects the appearance of algae bloom. We should remove the residue, and then apply the appropriate fertilizer. When growing White water - lily indoors during the winter, White water - lily needs under the cold room or the deep winter. In the growth period there should be enough light. Don't put it on for a long time without sun.

White water-lily