How to grow and care for White Ginger Lily

Written by Maggie

Sep 11 2021

How to grow and care for White Ginger Lily

White Ginger Lily, also called Hedychium coronarium, white and beautiful flowers, like butterflies, with ornamental, medicinal and other practical value. With its high value, many people prefer to grow it at home. Now let's look at growing White Ginger Lily and White Ginger Lily care.

 White Ginger Lily

Growing White Ginger Lily

Golden white ginger lily has strong adaptability to soil. The most suitable cultivation soil is fertile, loose and well-drained loam or sandy loam. However, the soil should always be kept moist or close to the water source, so the growth of Golden White Ginger Lily will be more vigorous. In spring, summer and autumn, it can be planted, but the best time to plant in February and March is spring. The high yield can be obtained by planting in separate plants. In that year, the per-acre yield is nearly 2000 branches/month on average, and in the second year, the per-acre yield can reach more than 2200 branches/month. Before growing, turn over the land, apply sufficient basic fertilizer, raise deep furrow and high bed, use single row planting or double row planting, set plant row spacing of 50×50cm, plant 2500-3000 plants per acre. If the fertilizer and water management conditions are good, the year in late May can flower. Growing a seedling or rhizome, the new plant can be divided into about 20 ~ 40 plants throughout the year, about 15 leaves and more can flower.

Fertilization methods

Fermentation of organic fertilizer with microbial fertilizer can achieve very good results. The effects and economic benefits of microbial fertilizer combined with fermentation organic fertilizer on White Ginger Lily were better than those of traditional fertilization schemes. According to the growth and development rules of White Ginger Lily, different fertilization methods and amounts should be adopted according to the amount of water and fertilizer intake in different periods. The fertilizer used for White Ginger Lily can be divided into basal fertilizer and topdressing fertilizer.

1. Basal fertilizer: sufficient application of basic fertilizer is very important for the whole growth period of White Ginger Lily. The use of plant division, hole planting method for growing, general acre with Gymboree fermentation assistant of high quality organic fertilizer 2000kg (if the use of traditional methods of organic fertilizer decay should be 5000 kg) 2000kg, and add Gymboree microbial fertilizer 2kg, 60% of the ground turned into, 40% hole planting when applied. In addition, phosphate fertilizer (10kg) and potash fertilizer (15kg) are needed.

2. Top dressing: when entering the growth period of leaf pumping, nitrogen fertilizer should be applied, 5kg per acre and 0.1L (kg) of Gymboree algae microbial fertilizer should be added, applied once every 10 days, 2-3 times in total; When the flower bud differentiation, the formation of bud to the growth stage before flowering, applied phosphorus based nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer, 6kg per acre and added Gymboree seaweed microbial fertilizer 0.2 litre, once every 7 days, until the flower bud color. We can also appropriately increase the amount of organic fertilizer, acre 1000kg and add microbial fertilizer 1kg. Application method: either acupoint application or flush application.

3. Foliar spraying: Add water to the powder Gymboree microbial agent (0.5kg/ acre), take the supernatant for foliar spraying, and apply the residue to the root. On cloudy days or in the evening, spray on the underside of the leaves.

 White Ginger Lily

White Ginger Lily care

1. Reasonable soil

White Ginger Lily likes loose, fertile and well drained of acidic grown in sandy soil. We can  choose in potted garden soil, peat soil and leaf soil as cultivated soil, mixed soil, in the pelvic floor in front of the basin on the need to join some basal, so that we can guarantee the roots can grow normally, basal are mainly composed of a mixture of coarse sand and organic fertilizer.

2. Environmental management

Environmental management is one of the growing methods and caring matters for White Ginger Lily. White Ginger Lily likes to grow in a high temperature and half shade environment. During the growth period, the plants should be conserved in a sunny place.

3. Reasonable watering

White Ginger Lily likes to grow in the condition of high humidity, and its drought tolerance is not strong. During the growth period, it should always keep the pot soil moist, and not cause the pot soil to be dry and short of water, otherwise the plant will not grow well. In hot summer, it should be watered sufficiently, and often spray water to the leaves, and keep the humidity at about 70 ~ 85%.

4. Fertilize regularly

In the pumping leaf growth angry, fertilization is mainly nitrogen fertilizer, about every 10 days applied once, during the differentiation of flower buds, fertilization is mainly nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer, about once a week, until the bud dew color. Apply appropriate topdressing 1 ~ 2 times of organic fertilizer if it grows well

5. Disease control

White Ginger Lily likes to grow in the high temperature and high humidity environment. In the meantime it is easy to suffer to diseases such as anthrax, virus disease, major hazard in leaf and stem section, all the best during the onset of strain, strengthen ventilated surrounding environment, with the right amount of virus ning water soluble powder or carbendazim wettable powder spraying prevention.

 White Ginger Lily