How to Care for Bird of Paradise Leaves Yellowing & Cracking

Written by Maggie

May 12 2022

How to Care for Bird of Paradise Leaves Yellowing & Cracking

The bird of paradise is a beautiful plant that can be grown at home and in the office. More and more people now grow birds of paradise plant by themselves. How to care for birds of paradise leaves cracking or yellowing when we grow it? Let's see some bird of paradise caring tips.

Bird of paradise
Bird of Paradise - one of the best indoor trees

Bird of paradise care for leaves cracking

The leaves of Bird of paradise plant will crack, possibly because the wind is too strong and the leaves can not withstand the high pressure. It may also be too strong, the sun burns the leaves, causing a lot of water evaporation. It may also be too much water, the root system of the plant can not fully absorb, resulting in water at the bottom of the soil, resulting in root rot, necrosis. The following are details of Bird of paradise care for leaves cracking.

Bird of Paradise leaf cracking, may be caused by the wind being too strong. The delicate leaves of Bird of Paradise cannot withstand wind and rain. When the wind is too strong, the leaves cannot withstand high pressure, resulting in leaf splitting. When it rains, excessive water droplets will also hurt the leaves, resulting in leaf damage and cracking. We should move it to a place with no strong wind.

The cracking of the Bird of paradise leaf may also be caused by too much light. Because the strong light will burn the leaves, accelerate the evaporation rate of water, the cell structure in the leaves will also be destroyed, unable to carry out normal life activities, resulting in the phenomenon of the leaves cracking. At this time, we should move it in a shade place caring.

The Bird of paradise leaves are cracked, and may also be caused by too much watering. Because the ability of roots to absorb water is limited, overwatering will lead to soil water at the bottom, plant roots immersed in water, will block stomata, inhibit normal growth, cause root rot, necrosis, unable to normal absorption process. Watering should be controlled when we care for Bird of paradise, and pay attention not to cause waterlogging.

Insufficient fertilization is also one of the reasons for the cracking of the leaves in Bird of Paradise. In the process of plant growth, it needs to consume a lot of nutrients. Nutrients synthesized by the plant itself cannot fully guarantee the normal growth. The root system needs to absorb nutrients from the soil, so fertilization can ensure that the soil is rich in organic matter and minerals. Apply fertilizer in the growth period of Bird of paradise to provide essential nutrients.

Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise is one of the best trees for pots

Bird of Paradise care for leaves yellowing

In the caring process of Bird of Paradise plant, the leaves turn yellow and need to be cut off. Pruning in time can reduce excess nutrient consumption. Not timely pruning, avoid a large number of bacteria and insect pests, causing other leaves to also suffer infection. The leaves of Bird of paradise will gradually brown and fall off, after pruning needs to carry on the disinfection treatment to the wound. The following are Bird of Paradise care for leaves yellowing.

In the caring process of Bird of Paradise, the leaf yellow is due to the strong sunlight exposure. In summer light is strong, it can cause sunburn leaves. It is necessary to provide appropriate shade protection for Bird of Paradise to provide sufficient sunlight scattering. Leaves continue to photosynthesize, and will grow more green.

In the process of fertilizing Bird of Paradise, the fertilizer needs to be diluted and used after the concentration is too high. Root burning will occur. When caring for birds of paradise, timely fertilization is needed to supplement nutrients. In the growing period, every month apply 1 times organic fertilizer liquid, into the flowering period, appropriate application of phosphate and potassium fertilizer.

Bird of Paradise should be watered thoroughly when watering to avoid the occurrence of water that will cause root rot. When caring for Bird of Paradise, it needs a humid environment. As the temperature rises in summer, it can be watered 1 time a day. In winter temperature drops, we need to reduce watering. In the rainy season, it rains more, doing a good job of soil drainage work.
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