How To Adjust Sprinkler Head Without Key Simply

Written by Ivy

Dec 28 2022

How To Adjust Sprinkler Head Without Key Simply

The spray and arc of impact sprinklers can typically be adjusted with little effort. Impact heads can be changed in just one step. All that is required to lengthen or shorten the arc is a simple rotation of the head.

How to Adjust a Sprinkler Spray Head

You might need to learn how to adjust a spray head for a variety of reasons. This will most frequently happen if the heads are spraying onto sidewalks or walkways or if your lawn isn't getting enough coverage.

Thankfully, most of the time, adjusting a spray head is very easy. Most spray nozzles have a tiny screw at the top that can be turned to change the direction of the head. To get the desired results, you must either tighten or loosen this adjustment screw using a small screwdriver. Generally speaking, if you're having trouble with over spraying, you can lower the water pressure by turning the screw in a clockwise direction. The results of a clockwise turn are the opposite.

To ensure uniform water coverage throughout the year, you can also turn the screw to change the direction in which the spray falls on your lawn.

How to Adjust a Hunter Rotor Head

To change the size of your arc or the direction of your spray, you'll need a Hunter adjustment key.

You need to put the plastic key into the adjustment socket, which is located on the top of each sprinkler head, to widen the arc of your Hunter rotor head. 360 degrees of clockwise rotation should be applied to the adjustment wrench. Every time you turn the wrench a full circle, your arc will be increased by 90 degrees. This can be done up to a full 360-degree arc, after which you won't be able to turn the wrench and hear a ratcheting sound.

Simply turn the adjustment wrench counterclockwise to reduce the arc. The minimum arc of 40 or 50 degrees (depending on your particular model) will be reached after each time the arc is reduced by 90 degrees. When you want to avoid overspray or stop water from sprinkling on your property's walkways and sidewalks, this may be necessary.

How to Adjust a Signature Rotor Head

You must follow a different set of instructions if the rotor head on your residential irrigation system is a Signature-brand product. You must remove the sprinkler head caps in order to gain access to the small parts because these rotor heads have a special system of click-set disks and memory rings for controlling arc and spray radius.

Specifically, the memory disk can be adjusted using the small plastic protrusions (or "collars") to set a new spray point. The black click-set disk must be entirely removed in order to increase a sprinkler head's spray radius. The sprinkler must then be manually adjusted so that the nozzle is aimed directly at the center of your intended target area.

The black click-set disk can then be turned upside down (so that the gray side is facing up) and its collars can be adjusted to the preferred angle of spray when you go to re-install it. By not needlessly misting sidewalks and walkways during the watering cycle, you can avoid wasting water and alienating your neighbors.

On the other hand, if your Signature rotor sprinkler head isn't providing even coverage, you can simply leave the black side of the click-set disk facing up and stop adjusting any of the collars to make the spray reach full-circle. Sprinkler heads placed in the middle of your lawn, away from walkways, are typically advised to be set to this setting.

It's much simpler than you might have initially believed to adjust sprinkler heads for both spray and rotor-style sprinklers. And with some practice, trial, and error, you'll be able to precisely adjust the irrigation system in your home so that your lawn receives adequate watering all year long while minimizing overspray and waste. Your irrigation system can now inspire a little more confidence in you since you know how to adjust sprinkler heads.

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Tips on How to Adjust Sprinkler Heads

While making spray and arc adjustments, keep the water running. This will enable you to check that the sprinklers are set according to your requirements without constantly starting and stopping the water flow. Some sprinklers can only be adjusted in motion.

For complete coverage, it's also crucial to check that each irrigation head sprays into every direction.

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Why You Need to Adjust Sprinkler Heads

As you become more familiar with your lawn's requirements, you may need to occasionally adjust your sprinkler heads. Zone-based sprinkler heads are installed and are made to completely cover your yard. Full protection is not, however, always provided. The sprinkler heads will need to be adjusted after the system is installed in order to achieve the desired arc, spray pattern, and coverage for your yard.

Various factors will influence how often your yard needs to be watered. Your lawn will require more water than an area that receives partial or complete shade if it receives six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day. How much water each area of your yard needs will also depend on the type of grass, the soil, and the drainage. You should start adjusting sprinkler heads to direct more water to a particular area of your yard if you see it starting to turn brown. On the other hand, if water is gathering in a particular area of your yard, you need to figure out how to adjust the sprinkler heads so that less water is directed there. Get the right amount of water to the various parts of your lawn by adjusting sprinkler heads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Adjust My Sprinkler Heads?

Anytime you notice a part of your lawn is receiving too little or too much water, you should adjust your sprinkler heads.

What Do I Look for to Determine What Tools I Need for Adjustment?

You can make adjustments with a screwdriver if you see one on the top or side of your sprinkler head. Some sprinkler heads have an adjustment slot for the arc that can be turned with a rotor or slotted screwdriver. Others have a tiny round hole on top or on the side that needs a unique key.

How Do I Figure Out What Type of Sprinkler Head I Have?

Pop-up, rotor, and impact sprinklers are the three most popular types of sprinkler heads. The area where pop-up sprinklers are pointed will be sprayed by their pattern of spraying. Rotor sprinklers rotate to cover a specific area while spraying a single stream of water. The pressure of the water flow forces impact sprinklers to move obliquely.

The Bottom Line

Having the lawn of your dreams requires knowing how to adjust sprinklers. Your sprinklers need to be adjusted if you see areas of your grass that are dying or have water puddles all the time after using the sprinklers.

You can make sure that each area of your yard receives the right amount of water by adjusting the sprinkler heads. Sprinkler head adjustments are not difficult to learn, and they frequently don't call for expensive equipment. You can probably figure out what kind of tool you need to make adjustments after spending a few minutes outside looking at the layout of your sprinkler heads.