Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) Profile

Written by Maggie

Dec 14 2022

Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum) Profile

Sweet woodruff, scientific name Galium odoratum, also has medicinal properties and is in bloom in recent days and can be found everywhere.T he whole grass or root of the composite plant Hippuris vulgaris. Sweet woodruff was born in mountains and wilderness, for the field weeds. 

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Sweet woodruff

Sweet Woodruff Info

Botanical Name Galium odoratum
Common Names Sweet woodruff, woodruff, wild baby's breath, bedstraw, sweet-scented bedstraw
Plant Type Perennial herb
Sun Part shade to full shade
Hardiness Zones 4 to 8, USA
Flower color White
Native Area Europe, Northern Africa, Northern Asia
Mature size 6 to 12 inches tall with a spread of 9 to 18 inches

The Morphological Characteristics of Sweet Woodruff

Sweet woodruff is a prostate annual herb, 50CM tall, with small white flowers in late spring, small white hairs on leaf margins and stems, side hairs on fruit that stick to clothing, found throughout the local forests in Europe.

The Ecology of Sweet Woodruff

Adequate sunshine and good ventilation, good drainage of sandy loam is better, conducive to growth. Sweet Woodruff is also a great ground cover plant for shade in your yard!

Sweet Woodruff's Distribution

Sweet woodruff distributed mostly in the Mediterranean region.

Sweet Woodruff's Propagation

Seed direct seeding, 3-5 seeds per hole, sweet woodruff height of 15CM can be sprinkled with fertilizer, so that the leaves and stems fully grow, the water should not be too wet, so as not to affect the growth of plants.

Sweet Woodruff

How to Grow and Care for Sweet Woodruff


Sweet woodruff grows properly in full colour to partial shade, specifically when it is planted beneath trees. Full sun, mainly when it is at its brightest in the center of summer, can scorch the leaves.


The sweet woodruff tolerates a large variety of conditions, even though it prefers constant moisture, excellent drainage, and a barely acidic pH. It does fantastic in rich, loamy soil, however it additionally will develop in clay and sandy soil.


While sweet woodruff grows most vigorously in damp to moist soil conditions, it additionally tolerates dry shade. To stop it from spreading too invasively, solely water the plant in instances of extended drought.

Temperature and Humidity

sweet woodruff prospers in the a range of local weather stipulations observed all through its hardiness range, and it has even been recognized to push its boundaries to chillier northern climates barely out of its range. But in very warm temperatures, candy woodruff would possibly go briefly dormant, although it effortlessly returns as soon as prerequisites moderate.


Sweet woodruff typically requires no feeding. But a new plant may advantage from an all-purpose fertilizer to assist it get started, in particular if soil prerequisites are poor.

Uses of Sweet Woodruff

Sweet woodruff flowers are particularly used as a flowering floor cowl or edging for shady areas in a landscape. These perennials will unfold out to structure a low mat that, in conjunction with panorama mulch, will assist to choke out weeds. They additionally are one of the flowers that develop properly below pine bushes, the place many plant life fails to thrive due to soil acidity. And they will even develop underneath a black walnut tree, no matter the poisonous chemical, juglone, that is emitted via this tree.

Sweet woodruff's usefulness does not quit with the landscape. In addition to its normal software as a stuffing cloth for mattresses, the plant additionally has been used as a flavoring agent for beer and wine, as properly as tea and fruit drinks.

Nowadays, sweet woodruff is most valued as an aromatic plant, with its aroma being in contrast to freshly mown hay and vanilla when its leaves are reduced or crushed. This captivating scent has been used commercially in perfumes. People additionally dry foliage to expand its fragrant high-quality and use it to lend heady scent to linens, sachets, potpourris, kissing balls, wreaths, and more. The aroma can be closed for years. For top-quality fragrance, harvest the leaves of candy woodruff proper after the plant blooms. Harvested branches need to be tied in bunches and hung to dry in a warm, darkish room with low humidity.
Sweet Woodruff