Princess vine (Cissus sicyoides) profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

Princess vine (Cissus sicyoides) profile

Princess vine (Cissus sicyoides), also known as seasonvine, curtain ivy, is a perennial evergreen vine, with all glabrous, slender branches and tendrils. Leaves are simple alternate, long cordate, margin serrate, 5-10 cm, long stalk. Its characteristic is that the adult plant can grow from the stem node with reddish brown metallic luster, unbranched, slender air roots, up to 3 meters long.

Princess vine picture

Princess vine

The morphological characteristics of princess vine


Princess vine: perennial evergreen grassy vine, glabrous overall, slender branches with tendrils;


Princess vine is simple alternate leaves, long heart shaped, serrated leaf margin, 5 ~ 10 cm, with long stalk. Its characteristic is that the adult plant can grow from the stem node with reddish brown metallic luster, unbranched, slender roots, up to 3 meters long, hundreds or thousands hanging in the scaffold under the shape of extremely elegant, unique style. When the air roots reach the ground (the mud), they sink down into the soil and absorb nutrients, making the leaves greener, the flowers more beautiful and the whole plant more vigorous.


Princess vine, summer, fall, cymes, 4 small, 1.5 cm, greenish-white.


The fruit of princess vine is nearly globose, about 1 cm in diameter, bluish green, purplish black when ripe, and contains 1 seed. Princess vine is a very resilient garden plant that is very easy to grow.

The ecological habits of princess vine

Princess vine is a sun-loving plant, tolerant of drought, high temperatures and a little shade. Drainage and sunshine must be good. Extremely strong spreading power, the establishment of scaffolding must be broad; At any time traction branch growth direction. Soil: choose good water retention, no water cultivation medium for the ideal. Sunshine: about 80 ~ 100%(full sunshine). Temperature: The suitable temperature for growth is about 22 ~ 30℃. Winter will be deciduous, slow growth, not long air roots, temperature below 10℃, to implement cold prevention. Summer growth fast, to be timely pruning, for ventilation.Watering: every 1 ~ 2 days in summer, every 2 ~ 3 days in winter. Fertilizer: Apply a thin fertilizer every 2 ~ 3 months. Insects and diseases are not harmful to the situation, to maintain frequent ventilation.

How to propagate princess vine

Princess Vine is bred primarily by hydroponics and cuttings, but mainly by hydroponics. Its method is simple, high survival rate, spring, summer and autumn can be carried out.

Method is: combine pruning, cut the branches and tendrines cut into 10 cm branch sections, inserted directly in the mineral water bottle that contains water next, generally 15 days or so can take root. When the seedlings of princess vine have a certain number of roots, they can be planted into the pot.

The importance of Princess Vine cuttings is that air roots can absorb water and nutrients from the air, and there is no need for watering and fertilization after planting for a period of time. But should timely pruning finish, a year can grow a large number of air roots, complete the landscape.

How to grow and care for princess vine


As long as it is general soil, yellow soil, mud, clay loam, sandy loam and gravel soil can be planted, as long as the soil has a qualitative fertility and a little wet soil layer.

Management of seedling into plant

To strengthen the management of princess vine in seedling into plant, it is necessary to do the following 2 points:

In the princess vine seedlings into the growth period, two times to promote seedling growth of the chemical fertilizer, in the first year of cultivation can be completely covered by the scaffold;

During the period of seedling growth, silver-screen rattan can grow some red air roots on the stem node, but these air roots should be removed when silver-screen rattan plants grow to the scaffold;

The density  

Princess vine planting density adjust measures to local conditions to select the main visual branches traction rod into consideration, because the quantity of traction rod restriction, the whole landscape, the nursery stock net prompts to achieve the purpose of rapid forest, little plants 2-6, best can a scaffolding to grow a little, the long corridor, scene wall, planting Princess vine can be for a little more tree methods, from 5 to 10 meters.


According to different landscape use, set up its necessary components and facilities, such as fence frame, scaffold, arch and other fixed frames. As required, the plant spacing of Princess Vine is generally 2 to 3 meters. Dig about 0.5 meters for planting pits and fill them with more than half of the putrid organic fertilizer. After colonization and survival for a period of time, choose a strong branch as the main vine for cultivation, cut off the first end of the winding immature part, to ensure the growth advantage of the main vine, the main vine is carefully wound to the pillar with a rope, let it grow in a clockwise direction winding; For the branches that grow from the roots, the strong ones can be left for later use, but the small ones should be all removed, so that all the nutrients from the roots can be provided for the growth of the main branches. When the vines reach the trellises, the branches are not removed, but they need to be distributed evenly in the other directions so that they can grow into the finished landscape.

Princess vine

Disease control of princess vine


Anthrax is a greenhouse with poor ventilation, high air temperature, high temperature and humidity. Anthrax is more prone to disease, which damages Princess Vine parts for tender shoots and fruits. The disease spots are grey-brown, nearly round, with obvious concentric wheel lines or whorled small black spots, and the disease spots are dark brown lines.

Method of prevention and cure

(1) Adjust the planting location of Princess Vine away from the water curtain to reduce humidity and improve ventilation conditions.

(2) Appropriate watering, not watering, increases the resistance of the plant.

(3) At the beginning of the disease, use 70% large raw M powder wettable powder 500 times liquid, or 70% methyl tobujin wettable powder 1000 times liquid, alternately sprayed, once seven days, for 2 to 3 consecutive times.

The distribution area of princess vine

Princess Vine Country of Origin: Tropical America.

The purpose of princess vine

Princess Vine is great for green corridors, green walls or shade sheds.

Princess vine flowers from summer to fall, with pale greenish white flowers, and bears in summer. The most unusual feature of Princess Vine is its ability to grow long, long, reddish-brown air roots from the nodes of the stem, which hang under trellises in a unique style.

Princess Vine is great for a green porch, green wall or shade. The new air roots of Princess Vine are red in color and turn yellow-green after a period of time, so the whole string of air roots is different in color above and below, making it more interesting. Princess vine is the best heat insulation curtain. It is said that many stores in Hsinchu NeiWan Scenic Area in Taiwan use Princess vine as their scenery. A thin strip, like a curtain, has become a scenery there.

Princess vine