Pepper profile

Written by Maggie

Jan 28 2021

Pepper profile

Pepper is an annual herb and a perennial shrub in the tropics. Pepper leaves are alternate, ovoid, intact cleft. Flowers are solitary or fascicled, white or lavender. Berry is green when immature, usually red or orange when ripe. Pepper tastes pungent or extremely hot. Pepper likes warmth. In winter and spring, seedlings are raised or cultivated in protected areas. After the last frost, seedlings are planted on the open ground. 

Pepper picture


Pepper forms

Pepper is an annual or limited perennial plant; It is 40-80 cm high. Stem is sub glabrous or puberulent, branches slightly zigzag flexed. Leaves are alternate, branches apical nodes elongated into twin or fasciculate, rectangular oblong-ovate, ovate or ovate-lanceolate, 4-13 cm long, 1.5-4 cm wide, entire, apex short acuminate or acute, base narrowly cuneate; Petiole of Pepper is 4-7 cm long. Flowers are solitary, drooping; Calyx is cup-shaped, inconspicuous 5-dentate; Corolla of Pepper is white, lobes ovate; Anthers are grayish purple. Fruit pedicel is more stout, pendulous; The fruit of Pepper is finger-like, with an acuminate and often curved tip, green when immature, red, orange, or purplish when ripe, and spicy. Pepper flowers have two kinds, one is white, the other is purple, both flowers have four petals to six petals three kinds. And the pepper that comes out of the two flowers is also different: the purple flower comes out of the pepper is purple, and the white flower comes out of the pepper is ordinary red pepper. Seeds flat kidney-shaped, 3-5 mm long, light yellow.Flowering period from May to November. 

Pepper growth habit

Pepper birth for the initial germination period, germination after sowing is generally unearthed about 5-8 days, 15 days or so from the first true leaf, to bud exposure as a seedling period. The first flower ear to the door pepper sits for the flowering period. The fruit stage is from fruit-setting to seedling pulling. Pepper has a good temperature between 15 and 34 degrees. The suitable temperature for Pepper seed germination is 25-30 degrees, and it takes 5-7 days to germinate. Seeds will not germinate when the temperature is lower than 15 degrees or higher than 35 degrees.

Seedling temperature of Pepper is required to be high, 25-30 degrees in the daytime, 15-18 degrees at night is the best, seedlings are not resistant to low temperature, should pay attention to cold. Pepper will drop if it's at 35 degrees Celsius.

Pepper is critical of water conditioning. It is neither drought nor flood tolerant.Prefer relatively dry air conditions. 


The geographical distribution of pepper

Pepper originally ranges from Mexico to Colombia;It is widely cultivated all over the world.

The main value of pepper

Pepper is an important vegetable and seasoning. The seed oil is edible. The fruit also has the effect of repelling insects and sweating.