Money plant (silver dollar plant) profile

Written by Maggie

Aug 30 2021

Money plant (silver dollar plant) profile

Money plant, scientific name lunaria annua, also called silver dollar plant, honesty plant, is a biennial herb, originally produced in Europe to West Asia cruciferous plants. Money plant (silver dollar plant) likes cold and cool, autumn sowing is appropriate, but because autumn sowing plants are not easy to grow, so the flowering will be delayed a year, that is, the third year will bloom; If you want to harvest it in the following year, you can plant it in the high and cold area of Taiwan and sow it in the spring so that the plant can fully grow so that it can flower in late spring of the following year. In Taiwan, the Money plant (silver dollar plant) is sensitive to high temperatures in summer. Therefore, Money plant (silver dollar plant) should be placed in a cool place to avoid direct exposure to sunlight in summer. Its strong cold resistance, under the open air, can also be an evergreen state over the winter.

Money plant picture

Money plant

Morphological characteristics of money plant

Money plant (silver dollar plant) leaves are ovate to elliptic, the margin is coarsely serrate, the whole plant is coarsely hairy. Plants are 60 -- 100 cm tall, branched distally, with fragrant purplish or white flowers. After the flowering, the ovary will rapidly hypertrophy, forming a flat round pod, 3 -- 4 cm in diameter, the lower pod will mature faster than the upper pod, the color of the fruit pod will change from green to tan.

The ecological habits ofmoney plant

Although the Money plant (silver dollar plant) can be grown all over Europe, they are very demanding in terms of living conditions. First, the temperature must be suitable, usually between 10 ° C and 28 ° C. Once it exceeds this limit, its life is over. Money plants (silver dollar plants) are afraid of strong sunlight and can only grow in semi-shade. Money plant (silver dollar plant) is also very picky about soil drainage, and its roots will quickly rot if the soil is not drained properly, so it is no easy job to grow the Money plant (silver dollar plant). Money plants (silver dollar plants) are biennials, but because newly sown seedlings do not grow easily, the flowering time of Money plants is often delayed by a year, with many flowering only in their third year.

Money plant (silver dollar plant) is generally used for seed reproduction, the seed is large and flat, easy to sow, so it can be direct seeding, after sowing, to fully water, germination temperature 15~20℃, germination days 1 to 4 days.

Money plant (silver dollar plant) is sensitive to high temperature and is not easy to go over summer, so it should be placed in a cool place to avoid direct sunlight in summer. Its strong cold resistance, under the open air, can also be an evergreen state over the winter.

Where to grow money plant

Money plants (lunaria annua) opt for bright, oblique mild and moderate-to-high humidity. Direct daylight can lead to leaf-scorching, however, the flora can do surprisingly nicely in low light. Exposure to too many drafts, though, may additionally purpose leaf loss. Heater vents and hot, dry air additionally want to be avoided.

If you can’t preserve your Money plant (lunaria annua) in a bright, steamy bathroom, make it a humidity-enhancing pebble tray with the aid of filling a shallow tray with small rocks, including water to in part cowl the rocks, and putting the plant on top.

Money plant (lunaria annua) can live on the exterior in USDA zones 10 thru 12, however, in any other case want to be houseplants.

Money plant

How to care for a money tree

To keep away from root rot, a cash tree desires a sandy, peat-moss-based soil and a pot with proper drainage. Although it likes humidity in general, you ought to let its soil dry out between watering. An excellent agenda for most environments is to water when the pinnacle 2-4 inches of soil is dry. Water thoroughly, till water flows out the drainage holes of the pot, and pour out the extra from the tray so that the roots don’t take a seat in water.

During the developing season, fertilize as soon as a month with liquid plant meals at 1/2 strength, however, bypass fertilizer in the winter.

How to propagate money plant

With easy pruning shears, reduce off the tip of a stem with at least two leaf nodes. Dip the reduced give-up in hormone rooting powder, and location in a trendy potting mix. Keep the soil moist with everyday misting till the slicing roots, in about four weeks.

Disease control of money plant

Silver Dollar Money plant likes slightly higher temperature, there will be a green insect, burglar insect, aphid easy to occur in the flowering period, can spray insecticide control.

The distribution area of the money plant

Money plant (silver dollar plant) is native to Eurasia.

Uses of money plant

When the fruit pod of Money plant (lunaria annua) is mature, the outer shell will fall off, leaving a round silky white film in the middle. This round film is like a copper coin, so it is popular. After coloring, it has deep ornamental value and can be used as dry flowers. Additionally, amaranth flower also can do cut flower to use, it is a very good flower material plant so.

People love the strange appearance of the Money plant (lunaria annua) and grow it as an ornamental plant. In autumn, when the flowers end, the beautiful fruit pods like silver coins appear.

Money plant